browserrecon project
advanced web browser fingerprinting

Fingerprint File: keep-alive.fdb (last update: 06/17/2008)

When the Keep-Alive connection-token has been transmitted with a request or a response, a Keep-Alive header field may also be included.

1Apple Safari 3.0.4300
2Beonex 0.6300
3Beonex 0.8300
4Epiphany 2.14300
5Flock 0.4300
6Flock 1.2.1300
7Mozilla BonEcho
8Mozilla BonEcho
9Mozilla BonEcho
10Mozilla Firefox
11Mozilla Firefox
12Mozilla Firefox
13Mozilla Firefox
14Mozilla Firefox
15Mozilla Firefox
16Mozilla Firefox
17Mozilla Firefox
18Mozilla Firefox 1.5300
19Mozilla Firefox
20Mozilla Firefox
21Mozilla Firefox
22Mozilla Firefox
23Mozilla Firefox
24Mozilla Firefox
25Mozilla Firefox
26Mozilla Firefox
27Mozilla Firefox
28Mozilla Firefox
29Mozilla Firefox
30Mozilla Firefox
31Mozilla Firefox
32Mozilla Firefox
33Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 5300
34Mozilla Firefox 3.0300
35Mozilla Iceweasel
36Mozilla Iceweasel
37Netscape Navigator 9.0300
38Opera 9.20300

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