filerecon project
advanced file fingerprinting
The following database provides the known and documented magic bytes used by filerecon for the identification of files. The position indicates where the pattern is suspected. This might be a well-defined position, a known address range or an undefined address range. The string is used for the identification. If the pattern is found, the expected file type is determined.

1# xvgr parameter fileACE/gr ascii file
1# xmgr parameter fileACE/gr ascii file
1# ACE/gr parameter fileACE/gr ascii file
1# Grace project fileGrace project file
1# ACE/gr fit descriptionACE/gr fit description file
1%PDF-PDF document
1%PDF-1.2PDF document, version 1.2 (Acrobat 3.x)
1%PDF-1.3PDF document, version 1.3
1%PDF-1.4PDF document, version 1.4 (Acrobat 5.x)
1%PDF-1.5PDF document, version 1.5
1%FDF-FDF document
1GlulGlulx game data
1TADS2 binTADS (Text Adventure Development System) game binary
1TADS2 rscTADS (Text Adventure Development System) resource data
1TADS2 saveTADS (Text Adventure Development System) save data
1constant storyInform source text
104200420 Alliant virtual executable
104210421 Alliant virtual executable
1CoreAlpha COFF format core dump (Digital UNIX)
1MOVISilicon Graphics movie file
5moovApple QuickTime
5mdatApple QuickTime movie (unoptimized)
5wideApple QuickTime movie (unoptimized)
5skipApple QuickTime movie (modified)
5freeApple QuickTime movie (modified)
5idscApple QuickTime image (fast start)
5idatApple QuickTime image (unoptimized)
5pckgApple QuickTime compressed archive
5jPJPEG 2000 image
9isomISO Media MPEG v4 system, version 1
9iso2ISO Media MPEG v4 system, part 12 revision
9mp41ISO Media MPEG v4 system, version 1
9mp42ISO Media MPEG v4 system, version 2
9mp7tISO Media MPEG v4 system, MPEG v7 XML
9mp7pISO Media MPEG v4 system, MPEG v7 binary XML
9jp2ISO Media JPEG 2000
93gpISO Media MPEG v4 system, 3GPP
9mmp4ISO Media MPEG v4 system, 3GPP Mobile
9avc1ISO Media MPEG v4 system, 3GPP JVT AVC
9M4AISO Media MPEG v4 system, iTunes AAC-LC
9M4VISO Media MPEG v4 system, iTunes AAC-LC
9M4PISO Media MPEG v4 system, iTunes AES encrypted
9M4BISO Media MPEG v4 system, iTunes bookmarked
9qtISO Media MPEG v4 system, Apple QuickTime movie
1-16MNGMNG video data
1-16JNGJNG video data
3-32Version:VivoVivo video data
1-16VRML V1.0VRML 1 file
1-16VRML V2.0VRML 97 file
21<!DOCTYPE X3DX3D (Extensible 3D) model xml text
1HVQM4HVQM4 movie data
1DVDVIDEO-VTSVideo title set
1DVDVIDEO-VMGVideo manager
1NuppelVideoMythTV NuppelVideo
1MythTVMythTV NuppelVideo
9matroskaMatroska data
1ClamAV-VDB:Clam AntiVirus database
1AVG7_ANTIVIRUS_VAULT_FILEAVG 7 Antivirus vault file data
1FC14Future Composer 1.4 Module sound file (Amiga)
1SMODFuture Composer 1.3 Module sound file (Amiga)
1AON4artofnoiseArt Of Noise Module sound file (Amiga)
2-56MUGICIAN/SOFTEYESMugician Module sound file (Amiga)
58-128SIDMON II - THESidmon 2.0 Module sound file (Amiga)
1Synth4.0Synthesis Module sound file (Amiga)
1ARP.The Holy Noise Module sound file (Amiga)
1BeEpJamCracker Module sound file (Amiga)
1COSOHippel-COSO Module sound file (Amiga)
27V.2Brian Postma's Soundmon Module sound file v2
27BPSMBrian Postma's Soundmon Module sound file v3
27V.3Brian Postma's Soundmon Module sound file v3
1EMODAmiga E module
9ECXMECX module (Amiga)
1@databaseAmigaGuide file
1RDSKRigid Disk Block (Amiga)
1DOSAmiga disk
1KICKKickstart disk (Amiga)
1LZXLZX compressed archive (Amiga)
1FiLeStArTfIlEsTaRtbinscii (apple ][) text
1NuFileNuFile archive (apple ][) data
12IMGApple ][ 2IMG Disk Image
12IMGXGS!Apple ][ 2IMG Disk Image, XGS
12IMGCTKGApple ][ 2IMG Disk Image, Catakig
12IMGShImApple ][ 2IMG Disk Image, Sheppy's ImageMaker
12IMGWOOFApple ][ 2IMG Disk Image, Sweet 16
12IMGB2TRApple ][ 2IMG Disk Image, Bernie ][ the Rescue
12IMG!nfcApple ][ 2IMG Disk Image, ASIMOV2
1package0Newton package, NOS 1.x
1package1Newton package, NOS 2.x
1package4Newton package, NOS 1.x or 2.x
4O====AppleWorks word processor data
132RAAppleWorks spreadsheet data, automated row-order recalculation
132RMAppleWorks spreadsheet data, manual row-order recalculation
132CAAppleWorks spreadsheet data, automated column-order recalculation
132CMAppleWorks spreadsheet data, automated manual-order recalculation
1bplist00Apple binary property list
1bplistApple binary property list
1caffCoreAudio Format audio file
1kychMac OS X Keychain File
1innotek VirtualBox Disk Imageinnotek VirtualBox Disk Image
1-32xmcdCDDB(tm) format CD text data
12must be converted with BinHexBinHex binary text
1SIT!StuffIt Archive (data)
1SITDStuffIt Deluxe (data)
1SegStuffIt Deluxe Segment (data)
1StuffItStuffIt Archive
1APPLMacintosh Application (data)
1zsysMacintosh System File (data)
1FNDRMacintosh Finder (data)
1librMacintosh Library (data)
1shlbMacintosh Shared Library (data)
1cdevMacintosh Control Panel (data)
1INITMacintosh Extension (data)
1FFILMacintosh Truetype Font (data)
1LWFNMacintosh Postscript Font (data)
1PACTMacintosh Compact Pro Archive (data)
1ttroMacintosh TeachText File (data)
1TEXTMacintosh TeachText File (data)
1PDFMacintosh PDF File (data)
668BIMMacintosh MacBinary data, PhotoShop
66ALB3Macintosh MacBinary data, PageMaker 3
66ALB4Macintosh MacBinary data, PageMaker 4
66ALT3Macintosh MacBinary data, PageMaker 3
66APPLMacintosh MacBinary data, application
66AWWPMacintosh MacBinary data, AppleWorks word processor
66CIRCMacintosh MacBinary data, simulated circuit
66DRWGMacintosh MacBinary data, MacDraw
66EPSFMacintosh MacBinary data, Encapsulated PostScript
66FFILMacintosh MacBinary data, font suitcase
66FKEYMacintosh MacBinary data, function key
66FNDRMacintosh MacBinary data, Macintosh Finder
66GIFfMacintosh MacBinary data, GIF image
66GzipMacintosh MacBinary data, GNU gzip
66INITMacintosh MacBinary data, system extension
66LIB\ Macintosh MacBinary data, library
66LWFNMacintosh MacBinary data, PostScript font
66MSBCMacintosh MacBinary data, Microsoft BASIC
66PACTMacintosh MacBinary data, Compact Pro archive
66PDF\ Macintosh MacBinary data, Portable Document Format
66PICTMacintosh MacBinary data, picture
66PNTGMacintosh MacBinary data, MacPaint picture
66PREFMacintosh MacBinary data, preferences
66PROJMacintosh MacBinary data, Think C project
66QPRJMacintosh MacBinary data, Think Pascal project
66SCFLMacintosh MacBinary data, Defender scores
66SCRNMacintosh MacBinary data, startup screen
66SITDMacintosh MacBinary data, StuffIt Deluxe
66SPn3Macintosh MacBinary data, SuperPaint
66STAKMacintosh MacBinary data, HyperCard stack
66Seg\ Macintosh MacBinary data, StuffIt segment
66TARFMacintosh MacBinary data, Unix tar archive)
66TEXTMacintosh MacBinary data, ASCII
66TIFFMacintosh MacBinary data, TIFF image
66TOVFMacintosh MacBinary data, Eudora table of contents)
66WDBNMacintosh MacBinary data, Microsoft Word word processor
66WORDMacintosh MacBinary data, MacWrite word processor)
66XLS\ Macintosh MacBinary data, Microsoft Excel
66ZIVMMacintosh MacBinary data, compress (.Z)
66ZSYSMacintosh MacBinary data, Pre-System 7 system file
66acf3Macintosh MacBinary data, Aldus FreeHand
66cdevMacintosh MacBinary data, control panel
66dfilMacintosh MacBinary data, Desk Acessory suitcase
66librMacintosh MacBinary data, library
66nX^dMacintosh MacBinary data, WriteNow word processor
66nX^wMacintosh MacBinary data, WriteNow dictionary
66rsrcMacintosh MacBinary data, resource
66scbkMacintosh MacBinary data, Scrapbook
66shlbMacintosh MacBinary data, shared library
66ttroMacintosh MacBinary data, SimpleText read-only
66zsysMacintosh MacBinary data, system file
708BIMMacintosh MacBinary data, Adobe Photoshop
70ALD3Macintosh MacBinary data, PageMaker 3
70ALD4Macintosh MacBinary data, PageMaker 4
70ALFAMacintosh MacBinary data, Alpha editor
70APLSMacintosh MacBinary data, Apple Scanner
70APSCMacintosh MacBinary data, Apple Scanner
70BRKLMacintosh MacBinary data, Brickles
70BTFTMacintosh MacBinary data, BitFont
70CCL2 Macintosh MacBinary data, Common Lisp 2
70CCL\ Macintosh MacBinary data, Common Lisp
70CDmoMacintosh MacBinary data, The Talking Moose
70CPCTMacintosh MacBinary data, Compact Pro
70CSOmMacintosh MacBinary data, Eudora
70DMOVMacintosh MacBinary data, Font/DA Mover
70DSIMMacintosh MacBinary data, DigSim
70EDITMacintosh MacBinary data, Macintosh Edit
70ERIKMacintosh MacBinary data, Macintosh Finder
70EXTRMacintosh MacBinary data, self-extracting archive
70GzipMacintosh MacBinary data, GNU gzip
70KAHLMacintosh MacBinary data, Think C
70LWFUMacintosh MacBinary data, LaserWriter Utility
70LZIVMacintosh MacBinary data, compress
70MACAMacintosh MacBinary data, MacWrite
70MACSMacintosh MacBinary data, Macintosh operating system
70MAcKMacintosh MacBinary data, MacKnowledge terminal emulator
70MLNDMacintosh MacBinary data, Defender
70MPNTMacintosh MacBinary data, MacPaint
70MSBBMacintosh MacBinary data, Microsoft BASIC (binary)
70MSWDMacintosh MacBinary data, Microsoft Word
70NCSAMacintosh MacBinary data, NCSA Telnet
70PJMMMacintosh MacBinary data, Think Pascal
70PSALMacintosh MacBinary data, Hunt the Wumpus
70PSI2Macintosh MacBinary data, Apple File Exchange
70R*chMacintosh MacBinary data, BBEdit
70RMKRMacintosh MacBinary data, Resource Maker
70RSEDMacintosh MacBinary data, Resource Editor
70RichMacintosh MacBinary data, BBEdit
70SIT!Macintosh MacBinary data, StuffIt
70SPNTMacintosh MacBinary data, SuperPaint
70UnixMacintosh MacBinary data, NeXT Mac filesystem
70VIM!Macintosh MacBinary data, Vim editor
70WILDMacintosh MacBinary data, HyperCard
70XCELMacintosh MacBinary data, Microsoft Excel
70aCa2Macintosh MacBinary data, Fontographer
70aca3Macintosh MacBinary data, Aldus FreeHand
70dosaMacintosh MacBinary data, Macintosh MS-DOS file system
70movrMacintosh MacBinary data, Font/DA Mover
70nX^nMacintosh MacBinary data, WriteNow
70pdosMacintosh MacBinary data, Apple ProDOS file system
70scbkMacintosh MacBinary data, Scrapbook
70ttxtMacintosh MacBinary data, SimpleText
70ufoxMacintosh MacBinary data, Foreign File Access
103mBINMacBinary III data with surprising version number
25DATASAS data file
25CATALOGSAS catalog
25INDEXSAS data file index
25VIEWSAS data view
157DATASAS 7+ data file
157CATALOGSAS 7+ catalog
157INDEXSAS 7+ data file index
157VIEWSAS 7+ data view
1$FL2SPSS System File
1BOMStoreMac OS X bill of materials (BOM) file
1*BEGINWORDSApplixware Words Document
1*BEGINGRAPHICSApplixware Graphic
1*BEGINRASTERApplixware Bitmap
1*BEGINSMACROApplixware Macro
1*BEGINSBUILDERApplixware Builder Object
1PKPKZIP archive
258ustarPOSIX tar archive
9debian-splitDebian multipart package part
9debian-binaryDebian binary package
9__________EUMIPS archive with MIPS Ucode members
9__________ELMIPS archive with MIPSEL members
9__________EBMIPS archive with MIPSEB members
1-h-Software Tools format archive text
1<ar>System V Release 1 ar archive
9__.SYMDEFAegis random library
2-32archiveRISC OS archive (ArcFS format)
1ArchiveRISC OS archive (ArcFS format)
1CRUSHCrush archive data
1HLSQZSqueeze It archive data
1SQWEZSQWEZ archive data
1HPAKHPack archive data
3HFHAP archive data
1MDmdMDCD archive data
1LIMLIM archive data
3LH5SAR archive data
2=-ahMAR archive data
1JRchiveJRC archive data
1DSQuantum archive data
#1PKReSOF archive data
15YCYAC archive data
1X1X1 archive data
1XhDrX1 archive data
2-86"AMGC archive data
1NõFélåNuLIB archive data
1LEOLZWPAKLeo archive data
1SChFChArc archive data
1PSAPSA archive data
1DSIGDCCCrossePAC archive data
1¨MP¨KBoom archive data
1Dirk PaehlDPA archive data
1ESPESP archive data
2-8ZPKZPack archive data
1UFAUFA archive data
1=-H2ODRY archive data
1FOXSQZFoxSQZ archive data
1,AR7AR7 archive data
1PPMZPPMZ archive data
1KWAJMS Compress archive data
1MP3MP3-Archiver archive data
1OZÝZET archive data
1gWARQ archive data
4OctSquSquash archive data
1UHAUHarc archive data
1COCMP archive data
2GTHGather archive data
1BOABOA archive data
1ULEBRAX archive data
1ULEBXtreme archive data
1Pack Magic archive data
1OraELI 5750 archive data
1RNCPRO-PACK archive data
1777777 archive data
1sTaCLZS221 archive data
1HPAHPA archive data
1LGArhangel archive data
10123456789012345BZhEXP1 archive data
1IMPIMP archive data
1PHILIPPPar archive data
1PARPar archive data
1UBHIT archive data
1NSKNaShrink archive data
1# CAR archive headerSAPCAR archive data
1CAR 2.00RGSAPCAR archive data
1DSTDisintegrator archive data
1ASDASD archive data
1ISc(InstallShield CAB
1T4TOP4 archive data
1BHBlakHole archive data
1BIX0BIX archive data
1ChfLZChiefLZA archive data
1BlinkBlink archive data
1(C) STEPANYUKARS-Sfx archive data
1AKT32AKT32 archive data
1AKTAKT archive data
1MSTSMNPack archive data
1SEMSemOne archive data
1FIZFIZ archive data
1=<DC-DC archive data
2TPACTPac archive data
1AiAi archive data
1SBCSBC archive data
1YBSYbs archive data
1DMS!DMS archive data
1VSVSARC archive data
1PDZPDZ archive data
1rdqxReDuq archive data
1GCAXGCA archive data
1pNPPMN archive data
3WINIMAGEWinImage archive data
1CMP0CMPCompressia archive data
1UHBUHBC archive data
1WWPWWPack archive data
1xpaXPA32 archive data
1SZSZip archive data
1jmXPack DiskImage archive data
1xpaXPack archive data
1Í jmXPack single archive data
1DZDzip archive data
1ZZ ZZip archive data
1ZZ0ZZip archive data
1PAQPAQ archive data
1JARCSJAR (ARJ Software, Inc.) archive data
1HAHA archive data
1HPAKHPACK archive data
3-lh0-LHarc 1.x/ARX archive data
3-lh1-LHarc 1.x/ARX archive data
3-lz4-LHarc 1.x archive data
3-lz5-LHarc 1.x archive data
3-lzs-LHa/LZS archive data
3-lhd-LHa 2.x? archive data
3-lh2-LHa 2.x? archive data
3-lh3-LHa 2.x? archive data
3-lh4-LHa 2.x archive data
3-lh5-LHa 2.x archive data
3-lh6-LHa 2.x archive data
3-lh7-LHa (2.x)/LHark archive data
3-lZPUT archive data
3-lzLZS archive data
3-sw1-Swag archive data
1Rar!RAR archive data
1RERAR archive data
1SQSHsquished archive data (Acorn RISCOS)
1UC2UC2 archive data
354WINZIPZip archive data, WinZIP self-extracting
11# This is a shell archiveShell archive text
3-pm0-PMarc archive data
3-pm1-PMarc archive data
3-pm2-PMarc archive data
3-pms-PMarc SFX archive (CP/M, DOS)
6-pc1-PopCom compressed executable (CP/M)
1MSCFMicrosoft cabinet file data
5gtktalogGTKtalog catalog data
1PARPARity archive data
1d8:announceBitTorrent file
1PK00PKZip archive data
8**ACE**ACE archive data
27sfArksfArk compressed Soundfont
1Packed FilePersonal NetWare Packed File
1RZIPrzip compressed data
1MPQMoPaQ (MPQ) archive
1xar!xar archive
1KGB_archKGB Archiver file
1BZhbzip2 compressed data
1BZbzip compressed data
1XPKFAmiga xpkf.library compressed data
1PP11Power Packer 1.1 compressed data
1PP20Power Packer 2.0 compressed data
17z7-zip archive data
1RZIPrzip compressed data
31PKLITE Copr.PKZIP self-extracting archive
68ENCRYPTED FILESafeGuard PrivateCrypto uti archive
>256SafeGuard PrivateCryptoSafeGuard PrivateCrypto self-extracting archive
1*STAWORDAster*x words document
1*STAGRAPAster*x graphic
1*STASPREAster*x spreadsheet
1*STAMACRAster*x macro
12278Aster*x version 2
1<plugin_id>Attack Tool Kit ASLv1 plugin
1<name>Attack Tool Kit suggestion plugin
1.sndSun/NeXT audio data
1MThdStandard MIDI data
1CTMFCreative Music (CMF) data
1SBISoundBlaster instrument data
1Creative Voice FileCreative Labs voice data
1EMODExtended MOD sound data
1.RMFRealMedia file
1MTMMultiTracker Module sound file
1ifComposer 669 Module sound data
1jnComposer 669 Module sound data, extended format
1MAS_UULT(imate) Module sound data
1FARModule sound data
45SCRMScreamTracker III Module sound data
1GF1PATCH110GUS patch
1GF1PATCH100GUS patch old
1MAS_UTrack_V00ultratracker v1 module sound data
1UN05MikMod UNI format module sound data
1Extended Module:Fasttracker II module sound data
22=!SCREAM!Screamtracker 2 module sound data
22BMOD2STMScreamtracker 2 module sound data
1081M.K.4-channel Protracker module sound data
1081M!K!4-channel Protracker module sound data
1081FLT44-channel Startracker module sound data
1081FLT88-channel Startracker module sound data
10814CHN4-channel Fasttracker module sound data
10816CHN6-channel Fasttracker module sound data
10818CHN8-channel Fasttracker module sound data
1081CD818-channel Octalyser module sound data
1081OKTA8-channel Octalyser module sound data
108116CN16-channel Taketracker module sound data
108132CN32-channel Taketracker module sound data
1TOCTOC sound file
1SIDPLAY INFOFILESidplay info file
1PSIDPlaySID v2.2+ (AMIGA) sidtune
1RSIDRSID sidtune PlaySID compatible
1SOUND SAMPLE DATASample Vision file
12BITAudio Visual Research file,
1_SGI_SoundTrackSGI SoundTrack project file
1ID3Audio file with ID3 version 2
2585!fLaCAudio file with ID3 version 2 and MP3 encoding
1-256LAMEAudio file with ID3 (lame encoding)
1NESMNES Sound File
1IMPMImpulse Tracker module sound data
61IM10Imago Orpheus module sound data
1IMPSImpulse Tracker Sample
1IMPIImpulse Tracker Instrument
1LM8953Yamaha TX Wave
77SCRSScream Tracker Sample
1MMD0MED music file, version 0
1MMD1OctaMED Pro music file, version 1
1MMD3OctaMED Soundstudio music file, version 3
1OctaMEDCmprOctaMED Soundstudio compressed file
1SymMSymphonie SymMOD music file
1THXAHX version
1OKTASONGOktalyzer module data
1DIGI Booster moduleDIGI Booster module
1DBM0DIGI Booster module
1FTMNFaceTheMusic module
1AMShdrVelvet Studio AMS Module v2.2
1ExtremeExtreme Tracker AMS Module v1.3
1DDMFXtracker DMF Module
1DSMDynamic Studio Module DSM
1SONGDigiTrekker DTM Module
1DMDLDigiTrakker MDL Module
1PSMProtracker Studio PSM Module
45PTMFPoly Tracker PTM Module
1MT20MadTracker 2.0 Module MT2
1RADRAD Adlib Tracker Module RAD
1063MaDoKaN96XMS Adlib Module
1AMFAMF Module
1MODINFO1Open Cubic Player Module Inforation MDZ
1Extended Instrument:Fast Tracker II Instrument
1MMMDYamaha SMAF file
1-16SharpSHARP Cell-Phone ringing Melody
1fLaCFLAC audio bitstream data
1VBOXVBOX voice message data
9RB40RBS Song file
30ReBornRBS Song file created by ReBorn
38PropellerheadRBS Song file created by ReBirth
1A#S#C#S#S#L#V#3Synthesizer Generator or Kimwitu data
1A#S#C#S#S#L#HUBKimwitu++ data
1TFMX-SONGTFMX module sound data
1MACMonkey's Audio compressed format
1069RoRAMUSIC Adlib Tracker
1mpu401trMPU-401 Trakker
1SAdTSurprise! Adlib Tracker
1XAD!eXotic ADlib
1ofTAZ!eXtra Simple Music
1ZXAYEMULSpectrum 128 tune
385LockStreamLockStream Embedded file (usually MP3 on old Nokia phones)
1TWIN97012000VQF data
1Winamp EQ library fileWinamp EQ library file
1[Equalizer preset]XMMS equalizer preset
1#EXTM3UM3U playlist text
1[playlist]PLS playlist text
1[licq]LICQ configuration file
1ICE!SNDH Atari ST music
1SC68 Music-file / (c)sc68 Atari ST music
1MP+Musepack audio
1BEGIN:IMELODYiMelody Ringtone Format
1FICHIER GUITAR PRO v3Guitar Pro Ver. 3 Tablature
61SONGSoundFX Module sound file
1#!AMRAdaptive Multi-Rate Codec (GSM telephony)
1=!<bout>b.out archive
1=!<bout>__.SYMDEFb.out archive, random library
1bFLTBFLT uclinux executable
1=BLENDER=_Blender3D, saved as 32-bits
1=BLENDER=_=vBlender3D, saved as 32-bits, little endian
1=BLENDER=_=VBlender3D, saved as 32-bits, big endian
1=BLENDER=-Blender3D, saved as 64-bits
1=BLENDER=-=vBlender3D, saved as 64-bits, little endian
1=BLENDER=-=VBlender3D, saved as 64-bits, big endian
1#!BPYBlender3D BPython script
1C64CCS C64 Emultar Cartridge Image
1GCR-1541GCR Image
10PSURARC archive (c64)
3-LH1-LHA archive (c64)
1C64FilePC64 Emulator file
1C64ImagePC64 Freezer Image
1CBMPower 64 C64 Emulator Snapshot
1C64S tape fileT64 tape image
1C64 tape imageT64 tape image
1C64S tape imageT64 tape image
1AC1012AutoCad (release 12)
1AC1013AutoCad (release 13)
1AC1014AutoCad (release 14)
1AC1012AutoDesk AutoCAD R13
1AC1014AutoDesk AutoCAD R14
1AC1015AutoDesk AutoCAD R2000
1{titleChord text file
1RuneCTCitrus locale declaration for LC_CTYPE
5pipeCLIPPER instruction trace
5profCLIPPER instruction profile
257SEGASega MegaDrive/Genesis raw ROM dump
641EAGNSuper MagicDrive ROM dump
641EAMGSuper MagicDrive ROM dump
1LCDiDream Animator file
192-208QiNintendo DS Game ROM Image
1-16QiNintendo Game Boy Advance ROM Image
1PS-X EXESony Playstation executable
1XBEHXBE, Microsoft Xbox executable
1XIP0XIP, Microsoft Xbox data
1XTF0XTF, Microsoft Xbox data
1-8ZZZZZ3DO "Opera" file system
1GBSNintendo Gameboy Music/Audio Data
13GameBoy Music ModuleNintendo Gameboy Music Module
1PPF10Playstation Patch File version 1.0
1PPF20Playstation Patch File version 2.0
1PPF30Playstation Patch File version 3.0
1SMVSNES9x input recording
1-16pwV1Cracklib password index, big endian ("64-bit")
1-64!_TAGExuberant Ctags tag file text
2-12 :pserver:cvs password text file
1# v2 git bundleGit bundle
1HG10Mercurial bundle
1HG10UNMercurial bundle, uncompressed
1HG10BZMercurial bundle, bzip2 compressed
1GDBMGNU dbm 2.x database
1rootROOT file
5Standard Jet DBMicrosoft Access Database
1TDB fileTDB database
3ICEICE authority data
11-37MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1X11 Xauthority data
1PGDMPPostgreSQL custom database dump
1@(#)ADF DatabaseCGNS Advanced Data Format
1-64<protocol bbn-multimedia-format>Diamond Multimedia Document
1-64diffdiff output text
1-64***\diff output text
1-64Only indiff output text
1-64Common subdirectories:diff output text
1-64Index:RCS/CVS diff output text
1-32!<arch>Alpha archive
1-32!<PDF>!Digital UNIX profiling data file
2-6ELF0ELF, invalid class
2-6ELF1ELF, 32-bit
2-6ELF2ELF, 64-bit
2-8BEAM!Old Erlang BEAM file
1FOR1Erlang BEAM file
9-12BEAMErlang BEAM file
5Tue Jan 22 14:32:44 MET 1991Erlang JAM file, version 4.2
80Tue Jan 22 14:32:44 MET 1991Erlang JAM file, version 4.2
51.0 Fri Feb 3 09:55:56 MET 1995Erlang JAM file, version 4.3
1FCS1.0Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS) data, version 1.0
1FCS2.0Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS) data, version 2.0
1FCS3.0Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS) data, version 3.0
1SBMBAKUP_Smart Boot Manager backup file
1DOSEMUDOS Emulator image
3OSBSx86 boot sector, OS/BS MBR
141Invalid partition tablex86 boot sector, MS-DOS MBR
202Operating System load errorx86 boot sector, DR-DOS MBR, Version 7.01 to 7.03
412Caldera Inc.x86 boot sector, DR-DOS MBR (IBMBIO.LDR)
272Ung�ltige Partitionstabellex86 boot sector, MS-DOS MBR, german version 4.10.1998, 4.10.2222
140Ung�ltige Partitionstabellex86 boot sector, MS-DOS MBR, german version 5.00 to 4.00.950
195Missing operating systemx86 boot sector, Microsoft Windows XP mbr
356Missing operating systemx86 boot sector, Microsoft Windows XP mbr
367Betriebssystem nicht vorhandenx86 boot sector, Microsoft Windows XP MBR (german)
326Default: Fx86 boot sector, FREE-DOS MBR
97read error while reading drivex86 boot sector, FREE-DOS Beta 0.9 MBR
297errorx86 boot sector, SYSLINUX MBR (2.10)
393boot from floppy...x86 boot sector, Acronis MBR
340I/O Error reading boot sectorx86 boot sector, Visopsys MBR
380I/O Error reading boot sectorx86 boot sector, simple Visopsys MBR
4SBMx86 boot sector, Smart Boot Manager
383XOSLLOADXCFx86 boot sector, eXtended Operating System Loader
7LILOx86 boot sector, LInux i386 boot LOader (LILO)
121LILOx86 boot sector, LInux i386 boot LOader (LILO), version 22.3.4 SuSe
173LILOx86 boot sector, LInux i386 boot LOader (LILO), version 22.5.8 Debian
395stage1x86 boot sector, GRUB version 0.5.95
377GRUBx86 boot sector, GRUB version 0.93 or 1.94
378GRUBx86 boot sector, GRUB version 0.94
380GRUBx86 boot sector, GRUB version 0.95 or 0.96
386GRUBx86 boot sector, GRUB version 0.97
322Loading stage1.5x86 boot sector, GRUB, unknown version
375GRUBx86 boot sector, GRUB, unknown version
479Boot failedx86 boot sector, bootloader 1.62
481Boot failedx86 boot sector, bootloader 2.06 or 2.11
485Boot errorx86 boot sector, SYSLINUX bootloader 3.11
396chksumx86 boot sector, Gujin bootloader
499BCDLx86 boot sector, Bootable CD Loader 1.50Z
460press any key...x86 boot sector, Acronis Startup Recovery Loader
292and press any key.FDBOOT harddisk Bootloader
488and press any key.WinImage harddisk Bootloader
170press any key to try again...FREE-DOS message display
90VersionSun Solaris Bootloader
409OS/2x86 boot sector, IBM OS/2 Warp bootloader
430OS/2x86 boot sector, IBM OS/2 Warp bootloader
451OS/2x86 boot sector, IBM OS/2 Warp bootloader
470OS2BOOTx86 boot sector, IBM OS/2 Warp bootloader
471OS2BOOTx86 boot sector, IBM OS/2 Warp message display
293strike any key...x86 boot sector, IBM OS/2 Warp message display
463Press any key to restartx86 boot sector, Microsoft Windows XP Bootloader
474Neustart mit beliebiger Tastex86 boot sector, Microsoft Windows XP Bootloader (german)
464Neustart mit beliebiger Tastex86 boot sector, Microsoft Windows XP Bootloader (german)
460Neustart: Tastex86 boot sector, Microsoft Windows XP Bootloader (german)
470Neustart: Tastex86 boot sector, Microsoft Windows XP Bootloader (german)
455and restartx86 boot sector, Microsoft Windows XP Bootloader NTFS
456press any keyx86 boot sector, Microsoft Windows 98 Bootloader
452then press any keyx86 boot sector, Microsoft Windows 98 Bootloader
454Taste drueckenx86 boot sector, Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME Bootloader (german)
455Taste drueckenx86 boot sector, Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME Bootloader (german)
456Taste drueckenx86 boot sector, Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME Bootloader (german)
451Wechseln und Tastex86 boot sector, Microsoft DOS Bootloader (german)
427any key when readyx86 boot sector, MS or PC-DOS bootloader
450Disk Boot failurex86 boot sector, MS DOS 3.21
467Boot Failurex86 boot sector, MS DOS 3.30
488and press any key.x86 boot sector, MS DOS 2.11 bootloader
496NEWLDRx86 boot sector, DR-DOS Bootloader (LOADER.SYS)
157Loading ...x86 boot sector, DR-DOS (3.41) Bootloader
490Any key to retryx86 boot sector, DR-DOS Bootloader
488press key to retryx86 boot sector, Open-DOS Bootloader
315BOOT error!x86 boot sector, FREE-DOS Bootloader
306BOOT err!x86 boot sector, FREE-DOS Bootloader
320BOOT error!x86 boot sector, FREE-DOS 0.5 Bootloader
312BOOT error!x86 boot sector, FREE-DOS bootloader
332 errx86 boot sector, FREE-DOS BETa 0.9 Bootloader
334 errx86 boot sector, FREE-DOS BETa 0.9 Bootloader
335 errx86 boot sector, FREE-DOS BETa 0.9 Bootloader
344Hit a key to reboot.x86 boot sector, FREE-DOS Beta 0.9sr1 Bootloader
>256Visopsys loaderx86 boot sector, Visopsys loader
493RENFx86 boot sector, FAT (12 bit)
496RENFx86 boot sector, FAT (16 bit)
55FAT12x86 boot sector, FAT (12 bit)
55FAT16x86 boot sector, FAT (16 bit)
83FAT32x86 boot sector, FAT (32 bit)
1FATXx86 boot sector, FATX filesystem data
15minixMinix filesystem, bootable
1-rom1fs-romfs filesystem, version 1
396OS/2OS/2 Boot Manager
38914!NSR0CD001, ISO 9660 CD-ROM filesystem data
38914NSR0CD001, UDF filesystem data
38914NSR0CD0011, UDF filesystem data, version 1.0
38914NSR0CD0012, UDF filesystem data, version 1.5
38914NSR0CD0013, UDF filesystem data, version 2.0
34818-34864EL TORITO SPECIFICATIONCD001, bootable
37634CD001ISO 9660 CD-ROM filesystem data (raw 2352 byte sectors)
32777CDROMHigh Sierra CD-ROM filesystem data
65589ReIsErFsReiserFS V3.5
65589ReIsEr2FsReiserFS V3.6
1ESTFBINREST flat binary
1VoIP Startup andAculab VoIP firmware
5PPCBootu-boot/PPCBoot image
1sqshSquashfs filesystem, big endian
1tdfloppy image data (TeleDisk)
9OracleCFSOracle Clustered Filesystem
33ORCLDISKOracle ASM Volume
33ORCLCLRDOracle ASM Volume (cleared)
9OracleCFSOracle Clustered Filesystem
33ORCLDISKOracle ASM Volume
33ORCLCLRDOracle ASM Volume (cleared)
1CPQRFBLOCompaq/HP RILOE floppy image
1009DECFILE11BFiles-11 On-Disk Structure
1DAAPowerISO Direct-Access-Archive
1*dvdisaster*dvdisaster error correction file
1FWSMacromedia Flash data
1CWSMacromedia Flash data (compressed)
1FLVMacromedia Flash Video
1AGD4Macromedia Freehand 9 Document
1NPFFNItpicker Flow File
1FONTASCII vfont text
1%!PS-AdobeFont-1.PostScript Type 1 font text
7%!PS-AdobeFont-1.PostScript Type 1 font program data
1STARTFONTX11 BDF font text
1D1.0X11 Speedo font data
1flfFIGlet font
1flcFIGlet controlfile
4099DOSFONTDOSFONT2 encrypted font data
1PFR1PFR1 font
1OTTOOpenType font data
1SplineFontDB:Spline Font Database
1<MakerFileFrameMaker document
1<MakerFile1.0FrameMaker document, version 1.0
1<MakerFile2.0FrameMaker document, version 2.0
1<MakerFile3.0FrameMaker document, version 3.0
1<MakerFile4.0FrameMaker document, version 4.0
1<MakerFile5.0FrameMaker document, version 5.0
1<MakerFile5.5FrameMaker document, version 5.5
1<MIFFileFrameMaker MIF (ASCII) file
1<MIFFile1.0FrameMaker MIF (ASCII) file,
1<MIFFile2.0FrameMaker MIF (ASCII) file,
1<MIFFile3.0FrameMaker MIF (ASCII) file,
1<MIFFile4.0FrameMaker MIF (ASCII) file,
1<MakerDictionaryFrameMaker Dictionary text
1<MakerDictionary1.0FrameMaker Dictionary text, version 1.x
1<MakerDictionary2.0FrameMaker Dictionary text, version 2.0
1<MakerDictionary3.0FrameMaker Dictionary text, version 3.0
1<MakerScreenFontFrameMaker Font file
1<MakerScreenFont1.01FrameMaker Font file, version 1.01
1<MMLFrameMaker MML file
1<BookFileFrameMaker Book file
1<BookFile1.0FrameMaker Book file, version 1.0
1<BookFile2.0FrameMaker Book file, version 2.0
1<BookFile3.0FrameMaker Book file, version 3.0
1<Book FrameMaker Book (ASCII) file
1<Book 1.0FrameMaker Book (ASCII) file, version 1.0
1<Book 2.0FrameMaker Book (ASCII) file, version 2.0
1<Book 3.0FrameMaker Book (ASCII) file, version 3.0
1<MakerIntermediate Print File
1IDP2Quake II 3D Model file,
1IBSPQuake II or III map file
1IDS2Quake II SP2 sprite file
3BoomBoom or linuxdoom demo
25LxD 203Linuxdoom save
1PACKQuake I or II world or extension
1-1Quake I demo
3IntroductionQuake I save: start Introduction
1the_Slipgate_ComplexQuake I save: e1m1 The slipgate complex
1Castle_of_the_DamnedQuake I save: e1m2 Castle of the damned
1the_NecropolisQuake I save: e1m3 The necropolis
1the_Grisly_GrottoQuake I save: e1m4 The grisly grotto
1Ziggurat_VertigoQuake I save: e1m8 Ziggurat vertigo (secret)
1Gloom_KeepQuake I save: e1m5 Gloom keep
1The_Door_To_ChthonQuake I save: e1m6 The door to Chthon
1The_House_of_ChthonQuake I save: e1m7 The house of Chthon
1the_InstallationQuake I save: e2m1 The installation
1the_Ogre_CitadelQuake I save: e2m2 The ogre citadel
1the_Crypt_of_DecayQuake I save: e2m3 The crypt of decay (dopefish lives!)
1UnderearthQuake I save: e2m7 Underearth (secret)
1the_Ebon_FortressQuake I save: e2m4 The ebon fortress
1the_Wizard's_ManseQuake I save: e2m5 The wizard's manse
1the_Dismal_OublietteQuake I save: e2m6 The dismal oubliette
1Termination_CentralQuake I save: e3m1 Termination central
1Vaults_of_ZinQuake I save: e3m2 Vaults of Zin
1the_Tomb_of_TerrorQuake I save: e3m3 The tomb of terror
1Satan's_Dark_DelightQuake I save: e3m4 Satan's dark delight
1the_Haunted_HallsQuake I save: e3m7 The haunted halls (secret)
1Wind_TunnelsQuake I save: e3m5 Wind tunnels
1Chambers_of_TormentQuake I save: e3m6 Chambers of torment
1the_Sewage_SystemQuake I save: e4m1 The sewage system
1The_Tower_of_DespairQuake I save: e4m2 The tower of despair
1The_Elder_God_ShrineQuake I save: e4m3 The elder god shrine
1the_Palace_of_HateQuake I save: e4m4 The palace of hate
1Hell's_AtriumQuake I save: e4m5 Hell's atrium
1the_Nameless_CityQuake I save: e4m8 The nameless city (secret)
1The_Pain_MazeQuake I save: e4m6 The pain maze
1Azure_AgonyQuake I save: e4m7 Azure agony
1Shub-Niggurath's_PitQuake I save: end Shub-Niggurath's pit
1Place_of_Two_DeathsQuake I save: dm1 Place of two deaths
1ClaustrophobopolisQuake I save: dm2 Claustrophobopolis
1The_Abandoned_BaseQuake I save: dm3 The abandoned base
1The_Bad_PlaceQuake I save: dm4 The bad place
1The_CisternQuake I save: dm5 The cistern
1The_Dark_ZoneQuake I save: dm6 The dark zone
1Command_HQQuake I save: start Command HQ
1The_Pumping_StationQuake I save: hip1m1 The pumping station
1Storage_FacilityQuake I save: hip1m2 Storage facility
1Military_ComplexQuake I save: hip1m5 Military complex (secret)
1the_Lost_MineQuake I save: hip1m3 The lost mine
1Research_FacilityQuake I save: hip1m4 Research facility
1Ancient_RealmsQuake I save: hip2m1 Ancient realms
1The_Gremlin's_DomainQuake I save: hip2m6 The gremlin's domain (secret)
1The_Black_CathedralQuake I save: hip2m2 The black cathedral
1The_CatacombsQuake I save: hip2m3 The catacombs
1the_Crypt__Quake I save: hip2m4 The crypt
1Mortum's_KeepQuake I save: hip2m5 Mortum's keep
1Tur_TormentQuake I save: hip3m1 Tur torment
1PandemoniumQuake I save: hip3m2 Pandemonium
1LimboQuake I save: hip3m3 Limbo
1the_Edge_of_OblivionQuake I save: hipdm1 The edge of oblivion (secret)
1The_GauntletQuake I save: hip3m4 The gauntlet
1Armagon's_LairQuake I save: hipend Armagon's lair
1The_AcademyQuake I save: start The academy
1The_LabQuake I save: d1 The lab
1Area_33Quake I save: d1b Area 33
1SECRET_MISSIONSQuake I save: d3b Secret missions
1The_HospitalQuake I save: d10 The hospital (secret)
1The_Genetics_LabQuake I save: d11 The genetics lab (secret)
1BACK_2_MALICEQuake I save: d4b Back to Malice
1Area44Quake I save: d1c Area 44
1Takahiro_TowersQuake I save: d2 Takahiro towers
1A_Rat's_LifeQuake I save: d3 A rat's life
1Into_The_FloodQuake I save: d4 Into the flood
1The_FloodQuake I save: d5 The flood
1Nuclear_PlantQuake I save: d6 Nuclear plant
1The_Incinerator_PlantQuake I save: d7 The incinerator plant
1The_FoundryQuake I save: d7b The foundry
1The_Underwater_BaseQuake I save: d8 The underwater base
1Takahiro_BaseQuake I save: d9 Takahiro base
1Takahiro_LaboratoriesQuake I save: d12 Takahiro laboratories
1Stayin'_AliveQuake I save: d13 Stayin' alive
1B.O.S.S._HQQuake I save: d14 B.O.S.S. HQ
1SHOWDOWN!Quake I save: d15 Showdown!
1The_Seventh_PrecinctQuake I save: ddm1 The seventh precinct
1Sub_StationQuake I save: ddm2 Sub station
1Crazy_Eights!Quake I save: ddm3 Crazy eights!
1East_Side_InvertationaQuake I save: ddm4 East side invertationa
1SlaughterhouseQuake I save: ddm5 Slaughterhouse
1DOMINOQuake I save: ddm6 Domino
1SANDRA'S_LADDERQuake I save: ddm7 Sandra's ladder
1MComprHDMAME CHD compressed hard disk image
1=IWADdoom main IWAD data
1=PWADdoom patch PWAD data
1Warcraft III recorded gameWarcraft III recorded game
1HM3WWarcraft III map file
3-516GM[SGF Smart Game Format
3-518GM[1]SGF Smart Game Format, Go
3-518GM[2]SGF Smart Game Format, Othello
3-518GM[3]SGF Smart Game Format, chess
3-518GM[4]SGF Smart Game Format, Gomoku+Renju
3-518GM[5]SGF Smart Game Format, Nine Men's Morris
3-518GM[6]SGF Smart Game Format, Backgammon
3-518GM[7]SGF Smart Game Format, Chinese chess
3-518GM[8]SGF Smart Game Format, Shogi
3-518GM[9]SGF Smart Game Format, Lines of Action
3-518GM[10]SGF Smart Game Format, Ataxx
3-518GM[11]SGF Smart Game Format, Hex
3-518GM[12]SGF Smart Game Format, Jungle
3-518GM[13]SGF Smart Game Format, Neutron
3-518GM[14]SGF Smart Game Format, Philosopher's Football
3-518GM[15]SGF Smart Game Format, Quadrature
3-518GM[16]SGF Smart Game Format, Trax
3-518GM[17]SGF Smart Game Format, Tantrix
3-518GM[18]SGF Smart Game Format, Amazons
3-518GM[19]SGF Smart Game Format, Octi
3-518GM[20]SGF Smart Game Format, Gess
3-518GM[21]SGF Smart Game Format, Twixt
3-518GM[22]SGF Smart Game Format, Zertz
3-518GM[23]SGF Smart Game Format, Plateau
3-518GM[24]SGF Smart Game Format, Yinsh
3-518GM[25]SGF Smart Game Format, Punct
3-518GM[26]SGF Smart Game Format, Gobblet
3-518GM[27]SGF Smart Game Format, hive
3-518GM[28]SGF Smart Game Format, Exxit
3-518GM[29]SGF Smart Game Format, Hnefatal
3-518GM[30]SGF Smart Game Format, Kuba
3-518GM[31]SGF Smart Game Format, Tripples
3-518GM[32]SGF Smart Game Format, Chase
3-518GM[33]SGF Smart Game Format, Tumbling Down
3-518GM[34]SGF Smart Game Format, Sahara
3-518GM[35]SGF Smart Game Format, Byte
3-518GM[36]SGF Smart Game Format, Focus
3-518GM[37]SGF Smart Game Format, Dvonn
3-518GM[38]SGF Smart Game Format, Tamsk
3-518GM[39]SGF Smart Game Format, Gipf
3-518GM[40]SGF Smart Game Format, Kropki
1BIKiCivilization 4 Video
1Gamebryo File Format, VersionGamebryo game engine file
1;Gamebryo KFM File VersionGamebryo game engine animation File
1NetImmerse File Format,NetImmerse game engine file
1GIMP GradientGIMP gradient data
1gimp xcfGIMP XCF image data
1gimp xcffileGIMP XCF image data, version 0
21GPATGIMP pattern data
21GIMPGIMP brush data
1-64CurvesGIMP curve file
1GnomeKeyringGNOME keyring
1*nazgul*Nazgul style compiled message catalog
2-6gpgGPG key trust database
40=<gmr:WorkbookGnumeric spreadsheet
2LOCATEGNU findutils locate database data
1GRGGringotts data file
1GRG1Gringotts data file, v.1, MCRYPT S2K, SERPENT crypt, SHA-256 hash, ZLib lvl.9
1GRG2Gringotts data file, v.2, MCRYPT S2K
1GRG3Gringotts data file, v.3, OpenPGP S2K
1GRG4Gringotts data file, v.4, unknown details
1BitmapfileHP Bitmapfile
1IMGfileCIS compimg HP Bitmapfile
1msgcat01HP NLS message catalog
1HPHPHP binary
1HPHP48HP 48 binary
1HPHP49HP 49 binary
1%%HP:HP text
7T(0)HP text, T(0)
7T(1)HP text, T(1)
7T(2)HP text, T(2)
7T(3)HP text, T(3)
11A(D)HP text, A(D)
11A(R)HP text, A(R)
11A(G)HP text, A(G)
15F(.)HP text, F(.)
15F(,)HP text, F(,)
1HP3HP-38/39 calculator
1HP38HP-38 calculator
1HP39HP-39 calculator
1HP39BinHP-39 calculator binary
1HP39BinAHP-39 calculator binary, directory list
1HP39BinBHP-39 calculator binary, zaplet
1HP39BinCHP-39 calculator binary, note
1HP39BinDHP-39 calculator binary, program
1HP39BinEHP-39 calculator binary, variable
1HP39BinFHP-39 calculator binary, list
1HP39BinGHP-39 calculator binary, matrix
1HP39BinHHP-39 calculator binary, library
1HP39BinIHP-39 calculator binary, target list
1HP39BinJHP-39 calculator binary, ASCII vector specification
1HP39BinKHP-39 calculator binary, wildcard
1HP39AscHP-39 calculator ASCII
1HP39AscAHP-39 calculator ASCII, directory list
1HP39AscBHP-39 calculator ASCII, zaplet
1HP39AscCHP-39 calculator ASCII, note
1HP39AscDHP-39 calculator ASCII, program
1HP39AscEHP-39 calculator ASCII, variable
1HP39AscFHP-39 calculator ASCII, list
1HP39AscGHP-39 calculator ASCII, matrix
1HP39AscHHP-39 calculator ASCII, library
1HP39AscIHP-39 calculator ASCII, target list
1HP39AscJHP-39 calculator ASCII, ASCII vector specification
1HP39AscKHP-39 calculator ASCII, wildcard
17HP-UXHP-UX 10.20 core file
37HP-UXHP-UX 10.20 core file
101HP-UXHP-UX 10.20 core file
121HP-UXHP-UX 10.20 core file
69LZXHuman68k LZX compressed
5LZXHuman68k LZX compressed
3#HUPAIRHuman68k hupair R executable
1<aiaff>IBM6000 archive
1<bigaf>IBM6000 archive (big format)
1-128#include <idc.idc>IDA Pro IDC script
1IDAIDSIDA Pro IDS imported names data
1IDASGNIDA Pro signature data
1IDATILIDA Pro type library data
1IDACLRIDA Pro color file data
9AIFFIFF data, AIFF audio
9AIFCIFF data, AIFF-C compressed audio
98SVXIFF data, 8SVX 8-bit sampled sound voice
916SVIFF data, 16SV 16-bit sampled sound voice
9SAMPIFF data, SAMP sampled audio
9MAUDIFF data, MAUD MacroSystem audio
9SMUSIFF data, SMUS simple music
9CMUSIFF data, CMUS complex music
9ILBMBMHDIFF data, ILBM interleaved image
9RGBNIFF data, RGBN 12-bit RGB image
9RGB8IFF data, RGB8 24-bit RGB image
9DEEPIFF data, DEEP TVPaint/XiPaint image
9DR2DIFF data, DR2D 2-D object
9TDDDIFF data, TDDD 3-D rendering
9LWOBIFF data, LWOB 3-D object
9LWO2IFF data, LWO2 3-D object, v2
9LWLOIFF data, LWLO 3-D layered object
9REALIFF data, REAL Real3D rendering
9MC4DIFF data, MC4D MaxonCinema4D rendering
9ANIMIFF data, ANIM animation
9YAFAIFF data, YAFA animation
9SSA IFF data, SSA super smooth animation
9ACBMIFF data, ACBM continuous image
9FAXXIFF data, FAXX fax image
9FTXTIFF data, FTXT formatted text
9CTLGIFF data, CTLG message catalog
9PREFIFF data, PREF preferences
9DTYPIFF data, DTYP datatype description
9PTCHIFF data, PTCH binary patch
9AMFFIFF data, AMFF AmigaMetaFile format
9WZRDIFF data, WZRD StormWIZARD resource
9DOC IFF data, DOC desktop publishing document
9IFRSIFF data, Blorb Interactive Fiction
25ExecIFF data, Blorb Interactive Fiction with executable chunk
9IFZSIFF data, Z-machine or Glulx saved game file (Quetzal)
7ExifJPEG image (EXIF)
1hsi1JPEG image data, HSI proprietary
1GIF8GIF image data
1GIF87aGIF image (version 87a)
1GIF89aGIF image (version 89a)
1GIF89akZIF image (GIF+deflate alpha)
1GIF94zZIF image (GIF+deflate alpha)
1FGF95aFGF image (GIF+deflate beta)
2PNGPNG image
1SCRSHOT_FreeBSD scrshot(1) screenshot
1.MDAMicroDesign data
1.MDPMicroDesign page data
1IIN1NIFF image data
1MMTIFF image data, big-endian
1IITIFF image data, little-endian
1PBFPBF image (deflate compression)
1id=ImageMagickMIFF image data
1#FIGFIG image text
1ARF_BEGARFPHIGS clear text archive
41SunBinSunPHIGS binary
33archiveSunPHIGS archive
1GKSMGKS Metafile
25SunGKSGKS Metafile, SunGKS
1BEGMFclear text Computer Graphics Metafile
1yzMGR bitmap, modern format, 8-bit aligned
1zzMGR bitmap, old format, 1-bit deep, 16-bit aligned
1xzMGR bitmap, old format, 1-bit deep, 32-bit aligned
1yxMGR bitmap, modern format, squeezed
1%bitmapFBM image data
1PC Research, Incgroup 3 fax data
1Sfffstructured fax file
1BMPC bitmap
1ICPC icon data
1PIPC pointer image data
1CIPC color icon data
1CPPC color pointer image data
1BAPC bitmap array data
1/* XPM */X pixmap image text
1Imagefile version-iff image data
1IT01FIT image data
1IT02FIT image data
2049PCD_IPIKodak Photo CD image pack file
1PCD_OPAKodak Photo CD overview pack file
1SIMPLE FITS image data
1This is a BitMap fileLisp Machine bit-array-file
129DICMDICOM medical imaging data
1NJPL1I00PDS (JPL) image data
3NJPL1IPDS (JPL) image data
1CCSD3ZFPDS (CCSD) image data
3CCSD3ZPDS (CCSD) image data
1PDS_PDS image data
1LBLSIZE=PDS (VICAR) image data
1pM85Atari ST STAD bitmap image data (hor)
1pM86Atari ST STAD bitmap image data (vert)
18BPSAdobe Photoshop Image
1P7 332XV thumbnail image data
1NITFNational Imagery Transmission Format
1Paint Shop Pro Image FilePaint Shop Pro Image File
1P7 332XV "thumbnail file" (icon) data
1CKD_P370Hercules CKD DASD image file
1CKD_C370Hercules compressed CKD DASD image file
1CKD_S370Hercules CKD DASD shadow file
1-64SqueakSqueak program text
2-6MRMMinolta Dimage camera raw image data
1AT&TFORMDjVu image or document
13DJVMDjVu multiple page document
13DJVUDjVu image or single page document
13DJVIDjVu shared document
13THUMDjVu page thumbnails
1CDFNetCDF Data Format data
2HDFHierarchical Data Format (version 5) data
1XARAXara graphics file
1CPCCartesian Perceptual Compression image
1C565OLPC firmware icon image data
1XPCOM.TypeLibXPCOM type library
1<map FreeMind map image
1Gamebryo File FormatGamebryo File Format
1��MS Windows directory thumbs database
6USBBIOS (ia32) ROM Extension, USB
8LDRBIOS (ia32) ROM Extension, UNDI image
31IBMBIOS (ia32) ROM Extension, IBM comp. Video
27AdaptecBIOS (ia32) ROM Extension, Adaptec
29AdaptecBIOS (ia32) ROM Extension, Adaptec
43PROMISEBIOS (ia32) ROM Extension, Promise
2-8OPSInterleaf saved data
2-12<!OPSInterleaf document text
5pgscriptverIslandWrite document
14DrawFileIslandDraw document
1dexDalvik dex file
1deyDalvik dex file (optimized for host)
1KarmaRHD VersionKarma Data Structure Version
1[KDE Desktop Entry]KDE desktop entry
1# KDE Config FileKDE config file
1# xmcdxmcd database file for kscd
51vnd.kde.karbonKOffice (>=1.2) Karbon document
51vnd.kde.kchartKOffice (>=1.2) KChart document
51vnd.kde.kformulaKOffice (>=1.2) KFormula document
51vnd.kde.kivioKOffice (>=1.2) Kivio document
51vnd.kde.kontourKOffice (>=1.2) Kontour document
51vnd.kde.kpresenterKOffice (>=1.2) KPresenter document
51vnd.kde.kspreadKOffice (>=1.2) KSpread document
51vnd.kde.kwordKOffice (>=1.2) KWord document
1lectDEC SRC Virtual Paper Lectern file
1-128yypreviousC program text (from lex)
1-128generated by flexC program text (from flex)
1-32%{lex description text
4087SWAPSPACE2Linux/i386 swap file (new style)
515HdrSLinux kernel
484LoadingLinux Kernel version 1.3.79 or older
490LoadingLinux Kernel (very old)
9 A _textLinux kernel symbol map text
1Begin3Linux Software Map entry text
1Begin4Linux Software Map entry text (new format)
6.Linux-Dev86 executable, headerless
1OOOMUser-Mode-Linux's Copy-On-Write disk image
1HMLVM1 (Linux Logical Volume Manager)
537LVM2 LVM2 (Linux Logical Volume Manager)
1SnApLVM Snapshot (CopyOnWrite store)
1LUKSLUKS encrypted file
1LinuxGuestRecordXen saved domain
1-264(if Lisp/Scheme program text
1-264(setq Lisp/Scheme program text
1-264(defvar Lisp/Scheme program text
1-264(defparam Lisp/Scheme program text
1-264(defun Lisp/Scheme program text
1-264(autoload Lisp/Scheme program text
1-264(custom-set-variables Lisp/Scheme program text
1;ELCEmacs/XEmacs v%d byte-compiled Lisp data
1(SYSTEM::VERSIONCLISP byte-compiled Lisp program (pre 2004-03-27)
1(|SYSTEM|::|VERSION|CLISP byte-compiled Lisp program text
1-32<TeXmacs|TeXmacs document text
1llvmLLVM byte-codes, uncompressed
1llvc0LLVM byte-codes, null compression
1llvc1LLVM byte-codes, null compression
1llvc2LLVM byte-codes, bzip2 compression
1-32/usr/bin/luaLua script text executable
1-32/usr/local/bin/luaLua script text executable
1-32/usr/bin/env luaLua script text executable
1-32/usr/bin/env luaLua script text executable
2LuaLua bytecode
1LUKSLUKS encrypted file
1# Magicmagic text file for file(1) cmd
1Relay-Version:old news text
1#! rnewsbatched news text
1N#! rnewsmailed, batched news text
1Forward tomail forwarding text
1Pipe tomail piping text
1Return-Path:smtp mail text
1Path:news text
1Xref:news text
1From:news or mail text
1Articlesaved news text
1BABYLEmacs RMAIL text
1Received:RFC 822 mail text
1MIME-Version:MIME entity text
1Content-MIME entity text
1*mbx*MBX mail folder
4-16skiplist fileCyrus skiplist DB
1JAMJAM message area header file
1<!-- MHonArctext/html; x-type=mhonarc
2MVR4MapleVr4 library
1<PACKAGE=Maple help file
1<HELP NAME=Maple help file
2-24<HELP NAME=Maple help file with extra carriage return at start
1# NewtonMaple help file, old style
1# daubMaple help file, old style
1#===========Maple help file, old style
1WriteNowMaple worksheet, but weird
1{VERSION Maple worksheet
2-24 <SHAREFILE=Maple something
4-24 <DESCRIBE>Maple something anomalous
1.MCADMathcad document
2-56frontEndVersionMathematica notebook
2-56paletteMathematica notebook version 2.x
2-56InformationMathematica notebook version 2.x
1(*Mathematica, or Pascal, Modula-2 or 3 code text
1(*This is a Mathematica binaryMathematica binary file
1MMAPBFMathematica PBF
5 A~Mathematica .ml file
1(***********************Mathematica 3.0 notebook
1MATLABMatlab v5 mat-file
1HG10Mercurial changeset bundle
1HG10UNMercurial changeset bundle, uncompressed
1HG10GZMercurial changeset bundle, gzip compressed
1HG10BZMercurial changeset bundle, bzip2 compressed
1HWBMicrosoft Visual C .APS file
1DTJPCH0Microsoft Visual C .pch
1Microsoft C/C++MSVC program database
11.00 .0000.0000MSVC .wsp version 1.0000.0000
1Attribute VB_NameMicrosoft Visual Basic 6.0 module file
12-512Begin VB.FormMicrosoft Visual Basic 6.0 form file
1Type=ExeMicrosoft Visual Basic 6.0 Project (EXE file)
16-128, CMicrosoft Visual Basic 6.0 Project Workspace
1Line Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 log file
1Content-Type:MIME encoded file
1kbd!mapkbd map file
1WNGZWZSCWingz compiled script
1WNGZWZSSWingz spreadsheet
1WNGZWZHPWingz help file
1#Inventor VIRIS Inventor 1.0 file
1#Inventor V2Open Inventor 2.0 file
1=!!Bennet Yee's "face" format
#1eMule download temporary file
1RMD1raw modem data
1PVF1portable voice format 1, binary data
1PVF2portable voice format 2, ascii data
169.lowmemmc68k COFF, Apple toolbox
1S0Motorola S-Record, binary data in text format
31SFXAtari 68xxx executable, self-extracting LZH SFX archive
39SFXAtari 68xxx executable, self-extracting LZH SFX archive
45ZIP!Atari 68xxx executable, self-extracting ZIP SFX archive
1XPCOMMozilla XUL fastload data
1-64echo offMS-DOS batch file text
1-64ECHO OFFMS-DOS batch file text
1-64remMS-DOS batch file text, including remarks
1-64REMMS-DOS batch file text, including remarks
1-64setMS-DOS batch file text
1-64SETMS-DOS batch file text
1MZMS-DOS executable
1-64PEPE for MS Windows
64-128This program cannot be run in DOS mode.MS Windows program
1PAGEDUMPMS Windows 32bit crash dump
1PAGEDU64MS Windows 64bit crash dump
1ElfFileMS Windows Vista Event Log
>1UPX0UPX compressed
>1PEC2PECompact2 compressed
#>1024ZZ0ZZip self-extracting archive
#>1024ZZ1ZZip self-extracting archive
>2048Rar!RAR self-extracting archive
>2048MSCFInstallShield self-extracting archive
>2048NullsoftNullsoft Installer self-extracting archive
>2048WEXTRACTMS CAB-Installer self-extracting archive
>2048.petitePetite compressed
>2048=!sfx!ACE self-extracting archive
>2048.WISEWISE installer self-extracting archive
#>2048.dzDzip self-extracting archive
>2048_winzip_ZIP self-extracting archive (WinZip)
>2048SharedDMicrosoft Installer self-extracting archive
49InnoInnoSetup self-extracting archive
>2048ARJSFXARJ self-extracting archive
>2048WinZip(R) Self-ExtractorZIP self-extracting archive (WinZip)
>2048arjsfxARJ self-extracting archive
577-1024DOS/4GDOS/4G for MS-DOS, DOS4GW DOS extender
577-2048WATCOMC/C++ for MS-DOS, DOS4GW DOS extender
1089-2048CauseWay DOSExtender for MS-DOS, CauseWay DOS extender
65-192PMODE/WPMODE/W for MS-DOS, PMODE/W DOS extender
65-192STUB/32ASTUB/32A for MS-DOS, DOS/32A DOS extender (stub)
65-256STUB/32CSTUB/32C for MS-DOS, DOS/32A DOS extender (configurable stub)
65-256DOS/32ADOS/32A for MS-DOS, DOS/32A DOS extender (embedded)
127LH/2 Self-ExtractLH/2 Self-Extract
29dietdiet compressed
29LZ09LZEXE v0.90 compressed
29LZ91LZEXE v0.91 compressed
29tzTinyProg compressed
31PKLITEPKLITE compressed
101W CollisCompack compressed
37LHa's SFXLHa self-extracting archive
37LHA's SFXLHa self-extracting archive
37 $ARXARX self-extracting archive
37 $LHarcLHarc self-extracting archive
33SFX by LARCLARC self-extracting archive
1639-lh5-LHa self-extracting archive v2.13S
96393Rar!RAR self-extracting archive
65aPKGaPackage self-extracting archive
33AINAIN compressed
33AIN1AIN 1.x compressed
33AIN2AIN 2.x compressed
29UC2XUCEXE compressed
29WWP WWPACK compressed
29RJSXARJ self-extracting archive
33-256aRJsfXARJ self-extracting archive
123sWindows self-extracting ZIP
7SFX of LHarcDOS executable (COM), SFX of LHarc
86UPXDOS executable (COM), UPX compressed
5 $ARXDOS executable (COM), ARX self-extracting archive
5 $LHarcDOS executable (COM), LARC self-extracting archive
527SFX by LARCLARC self-extracting archive
37UPX!FREE-DOS executable (COM), UPX compressed
253Must have DOS versionDR-DOS executable (COM)
61W CollisCOM executable for MS-DOS, Compack compressed
1LZMS-DOS executable (built-in)
2081Microsoft Word 6.0 DocumentMicrosoft Word 6.0 document data
2081Documento Microsoft Word 6Microsoft Word 6 document data, spanish
2113MSWordDocMicrosoft Word document data
1PO^Q`Microsoft Word 6.0 document data
2081Microsoft Excel 5.0 WorksheetMicrosoft Excel 5.0 worksheet
2081Foglio di lavoro Microsoft ExceMicrosoft Excel 5.0 worksheet, spanish
2115Biff5Microsoft Excel 5.0 worksheet
2121Biff5Microsoft Excel 5.0 worksheet, italian
1WordProLotus WordPro
13Stirling TechnologiesInstallShield Uninstall Script
1Nullsoft AVS PresetWinamp plug-in
1MDIFMS Windows special zipped file
5BGIBorland font or device
#1PKBorland font
1pkBorland device
10GERBILDOCFirst Choice document
10GERBILDBFirst Choice database
10GERBILCLIPFirst Choice database
1GERBILFirst Choice device file
10RABBITGRAPHRabbitGraph file
1DCU1Borland Delphi .DCU file
1=!<spell>MKS Spell hash list (old format)
1=!<spell2>MKS Spell hash list
1AHHalo(TM) bitmapped font file
1ITSFMS Windows HtmlHelp data
1MSCFMicrosoft Cabinet archive data
1ISc(InstallShield Cabinet archive data
41 EMFWindows Enhanced Metafile (EMF) image data
1VMDKVMware4 disk image
1KDMVVMware4 disk image
1QFIQemu Image, Format: Qcow
1QEVMQEMU's suspend to disk image
1Bochs Virtual HD ImageBochs disk image
547bjbjMicrosoft Word Document
547jbjbMicrosoft Word Document
513RMicrosoft Word Document
24DellDell system BIOS
1DDSMicrosoft DirectDraw Surface (DDS)
1ITOLITLSMicrosoft Reader eBook Data
1ElfFileMS Windows Vista Event Log
1HyperTerminalMS Windows HyperTerminal profile
1Client UrlCache MMFInternet Explorer cache file
1regfMS Windows registry file, NT/2000 or above
1CREGMS Windows 95/98/ME registry file
1SHCC3MS Windows 3.1 registry file
1REGEDIT4Windows Registry text (Win95 or above)
1Windows Registry EditorWindows Registry text (Win2K or above)
1[InternetShortcut]Windows Internet shortcut url file
1screen mode id:Microsoft Remote Desktop file (rdp)
1mscMessage Sequence Chart (chart)
1mscdocumentMessage Sequence Chart (document)
1submscMessage Sequence Chart (subchart)
1//!MupMup music publication program input text
7-ArkkraMup music publication program input text, Arkkra
1RSRCNational Instruments
9LVNational Instruments, LabVIEW File
9LVSBNational Instruments, LabVIEW File, Code Resource File, data
9LVINNational Instruments, LabVIEW File, Virtual Instrument Program, data
9LVARNational Instruments, LabVIEW File, VI Library, data
9LMNULBVWNational Instruments, Portable File Names, data
9rscNational Instruments, Resources File, data
1VMAPNational Instruments, VXI File, data
1NetWare Loadable ModuleNetWare Loadable Module
1RTSSNetMon 1.x capture file
1GMBUNetMon 2.x capture file
1TRSNIFF dataSniffer capture file
1XCPNetXRay capture file
1iptrace 1.0"iptrace 1.0" capture file
1iptrace 2.0"iptrace 2.0" capture file
1NetSNetStumbler log file
2verEtherPeek/AiroPeek capture file
2VNFVisual Networks traffic capture file
1ObserverPktBuffeNetwork Instruments Observer capture file
1Caml1999Objective caml
1Caml1999XObjective caml, exec file
1Caml1999IObjective caml, interface file (.cmi)
1Caml1999OObjective caml, object file (.cmo)
1Caml1999AObjective caml, library file (.cma)
1Caml1999YObjective caml, native object file (.cmx)
1Caml1999ZObjective caml, native library file (.cmxa)
1Caml1999MObjective caml, abstract syntax tree implementation file
1Caml1999NObjective caml, abstract syntax tree interface file
1Octave-1-LOctave binary data (little endian)
1Octave-1-BOctave binary data (big endian)
1InternetShortcutMS Windows 95 Internet shortcut text
1HSPOS/2 INF or HLP 1.x Writer 1.x Writer template 1.x Writer global document 1.x Calc 1.x Calc template 1.x Draw 1.x Draw template 1.x Impress 1.x Impress template 1.x Math document 1.x Database file
51vnd.oasis.opendocument.textOpenDocument text
51vnd.oasis.opendocument.text-templateOpenDocument text template
51vnd.oasis.opendocument.text-webOpenDocument HTML document template
51vnd.oasis.opendocument.text-masterOpenDocument Master document
51vnd.oasis.opendocument.graphicsOpenDocument drawing drawing template
51vnd.oasis.opendocument.presentationOpenDocument presentation
51vnd.oasis.opendocument.presentation-templateOpenDocument presentation template
51vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheetOpenDocument spreadsheet
51vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet-templateOpenDocument spreadsheet template
51vnd.oasis.opendocument.chartOpenDocument chart
51vnd.oasis.opendocument.chart-templateOpenDocument chart template
51vnd.oasis.opendocument.formulaOpenDocument formula
51vnd.oasis.opendocument.formula-templateOpenDocument formula template
51vnd.oasis.opendocument.databaseOpenDocument database
51vnd.oasis.opendocument.imageOpenDocument image
61BVokBDICBDicty PalmOS document
61DB99DBOSDB PalmOS document
61vIMGViewFireViewer/ImageViewer PalmOS document
61PmDBPmDBHanDBase PalmOS document
61InfoINDBInfoView PalmOS document
61ToGoToGoiSilo PalmOS document
61JfDbJBasJFile PalmOS document
61JfDbJFilJFile Pro PalmOS document
61DATALSdbList PalmOS document
61Mdb1Mdb1MobileDB PalmOS document
61PNRdPPrsPeanutPress PalmOS document
61DataPlkrPlucker PalmOS document
61DataSprdQuickSheet PalmOS document
61SM01SMemSuperMemo PalmOS document
61TEXtTlDcTealDoc PalmOS document
61InfoTlIfTealInfo PalmOS document
61DataTlMlTealMeal PalmOS document
61DataTlPtTealPaint PalmOS document
61dataTDBPThinkDB PalmOS document
61TdatTideTides PalmOS document
61ToRaTRPWTomeRaider PalmOS document
61zTXTA GutenPalm zTXT e-book
61librPalm OS dynamic library data
61ptchPalm OS operating system patch data
61BOOKMOBIMobipocket E-book
3-32/bin/perlPerl script text executable
4-32exec /bin/perlPerl script text
3-32/usr/bin/perlPerl script text executable
4-32exec /usr/bin/perlPerl script text
3-32/usr/local/bin/perlPerl script text executable
4-32exec /usr/local/bin/perlPerl script text
1-32packagePerl5 module source text
4-64podPerl POD document text
4-64head1Perl POD document text
4-64head2Perl POD document text
1perl-storeperl Storable (v0.6) data
1pst0perl Storable (v0.7) data
1<?PHP script
1<?phpPHP script
1-64/*C, PHP or REXX program text (including comments)
1-64//C++ or PHP program text (including comments)
1cscopecscope reference data
1ZendPHP script Zend Optimizer data
1/* XPM */X pixmap image data
1$!DCL command file
1c FORTRAN program
1gpchGCC precompiled header
1<%ASP script
1-----BEGINPGP message or signature
3---BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-PGP public key block
16PUBLICPGP public key block
16MESSAGE-PGP message
16SIGNED-PGP signed message
20SIGNATURE-PGP signature
1# PaCkAgE DaTaStReAmpkg Datastream (SVR4)
1%!PostScript document text
1%!PS-Adobe-PostScript document text, conforming
16EPSPostScript document text, conforming, EPS type
16QueryPostScript document text, conforming, Query type
16ExitServerPostScript document text, conforming, ExitServer type
16-1056%%LanguageLevel:PostScript document text, conforming
4PS-Adobe-PostScript document text, conforming
17EPSPostScript document text, conforming, EPS type
17QueryPostScript document text, conforming, Query type
17ExitServerPostScript document text, conforming, ExitServer type
1*PPD-Adobe:PPD file
2%-12345X@PJLHP Printer Job Language data
32PostScriptHP Printer Job Language data, PostScript
1@document(Imagen printer
1@document(language impressImagen printer, imPRESS data
1@document(language daisyImagen printer, daisywheel text
1@document(language diabloImagen printer, daisywheel text
1@document(language printerImagen printer, line printer emulation
1@document(language tektronixImagen printer, Tektronix 4014 emulation
1RastRST-format raster font data
2[KCanon Bubble Jet BJC formatted data
9REMOTE1PEpson Stylus Color 460 data
1JZJZZenographics ZjStream printer data (big-endian)
1ZJZJZenographics ZjStream printer data (little-endian)
1OAKOak Technologies printer stream
1%!VMFSunClock's Vector Map Format data
3ABCDEFGHHP LaserJet 1000 series downloadable firmware
3@EJLEpson ESC/Page language printer data
1FTNCHEK_ Pproject file for ftnchek
1FTNCHEK_ P1project file for ftnchek, version 2.7
1FTNCHEK_ P2project file for ftnchek, version 2.8 to 2.10
1FTNCHEK_ P3project file for ftnchek, version 2.11 or later
1DrawRISC OS Draw file data
1FONTRISC OS outline font data
1MaestroRISC OS music file
1RIFFRIFF (little-endian) data
1RIFFRDIBRIFF (little-endian) data, device-independent bitmap
1RIFFRMIDRIFF (little-endian) data, MIDI
1RIFFRMMPRIFF (little-endian) data, multimedia movie
1RIFFRMP3RIFF (little-endian) data, MPEG Layer 3 audio
1RIFFWAVERIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio
1RIFFCDRARIFF (little-endian) data, Corel Draw Picture
1RIFFAVIRIFF (little-endian) data, AVI
1RIFFACONRIFF (little-endian) data, animated cursor
1RIFFsfbkRIFF (little-endian) data, SoundFont/Bank
1RIFFCDXARIFF (little-endian) data, wrapped MPEG-1 (CDXA)
1RIFF4XMVRIFF (little-endian) data, 4X Movie file
1RIFXRIFF (big-endian) data
1RIFXPALRIFF (big-endian) data, palette
1RIFXRDIBRIFF (big-endian) data, device-independent bitmap
1RIFXRMIDRIFF (big-endian) data, MIDI
1RIFXRMMPRIFF (big-endian) data, multimedia movie
1RIFXWAVERIFF (big-endian) data, WAVE audio
1RIFXCDRARIFF (big-endian) data, Corel Draw Picture
1RIFXAVIRIFF (big-endian) data, AVI
1RIFXACONRIFF (big-endian) data, animated cursor
1RIFXNIFFRIFF (big-endian) data, Notation Interchange File Format
1RIFXsfbkRIFF (big-endian) data, SoundFont/Bank
9WAVERIFF data, WAVE audio
1{\rtf1\Rich Text Format data
1{\rtf1\1Rich Text Format data, version 1
1{\rtf1\1\ansiRich Text Format data, version 1, ANSI
1{\rtf1\1\macRich Text Format data, version 1, Apple Macintosh
1{\rtf1\1\pcRich Text Format data, version 1, IBM PC, code page 437
1{\rtf1\1\pcaRich Text Format data, version 1, IBM PS/2, code page 850
3-32/usr/bin/rubyRuby script text executable
3-32/usr/local/bin/rubyRuby script text executable
3-32/usr/bin/env rubyRuby script text executable
39Spreadsheetsc spreadsheet file
1MTZMTZ reflection file
93PLOT%%84Plot84 plotting file
1EZD_MAPNEWEZD Electron Density Map
110MAPOld EZD Electron Density Map
1:-)BRIX Electron Density Map
4!NTITLEXPLOR ASCII Electron Density Map
11!NTITLECNS ASCII electron density map
209MAPCCP4 Electron Density Map
1R-AXIS4 R-Axis Area Detector Image:
1RAXIS R-Axis Area Detector Image, Win32
1029MMXMAR Area Detector Image
1-320 HEADGEDCOM genealogy text
1-64-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE------RFC1421 Security Certificate text
1-64-----BEGIN NEW CERTIFICATERFC1421 Security Certificate Signing Request text
1divert(-1)sendmail m4 text file
1PmNsPCP compiled namespace (V.0)
1PmNPCP compiled namespace
1PCPFolioVersion:PCP, Archive Folio
1#pmchartPCP pmchart view
1#kmchartPCP kmchart view
1pmviewPCP pmview config
1#pmloggerPCP pmlogger config
1#pmdahotprocPCP pmdahotproc config
1PcPhPCP Help
1PcPh1PCP Help, index
1PcPh2PCP Help, text
1#pmieconf-rulesPCP pmieconf rules
4pmieconf-pmiePCP pmie config
1mdbmmdbm file
1//Maya ASCIIAlias Maya Ascii File
9MAYAFOR4Alias Maya Binary File
9MayaFOR4Alias Maya Binary File
9CIMGAlias Maya Image File
9DEEPAlias Maya Image File
24-406<svgSVG Scalable Vector Graphics image
24-406<gnc-v2GnuCash file
1-64<!doctype htmlHTML document text
5-128<head>HTML document text
5-128<title>HTML document text
1-128<html>HTML document text
1-64<HTML>HTML document text (might be old)
1-32<?xmlXML document text
24-64<xsl:stylesheetXML document text, XSL stylesheet
1-64<!doctypeexported SGML document text
1-64<!subdocexported SGML subdocument text
1-64<!--exported SGML document text
1-64HTTP Cookie FileWeb browser cookie text
1-64Netscape HTTP Cookie FileNetscape cookie text
1-64KDE Cookie FileKonqueror cookie text
1DrawRiscOS Drawfile
1PACKRiscOS PackdDir archive
1=!Assembler source
1AnalogADi asm listing file
1.SYSTEMSHARC architecture file
1.systemSHARC architecture file
3-32/bin/shPOSIX shell script text executable
3-32/bin/cshC shell script text executable
3-32/bin/kshKorn shell script text executable
3-32/bin/tcshTenex C shell script text executable
3-32/usr/local/tcshTenex C shell script text executable
3-32/usr/local/bin/tcshTenex C shell script text executable
3-32/bin/zshPaul Falstad's zsh script text executable
3-32/usr/bin/zshPaul Falstad's zsh script text executable
3-32/usr/local/bin/zshPaul Falstad's zsh script text executable
3-32/usr/local/bin/ashNeil Brown's ash script text executable
3-32/usr/local/bin/aeNeil Brown's ae script text executable
3-32/bin/rcPlan 9 rc shell script text executable
3-32/bin/bashBourne-Again shell script text executable
3-32/usr/local/bin/bashBourne-Again shell script text executable
3-32/usr/bin/envscript text executable
3-32/usr/local/bin/phpPHP script text executable
3-32/usr/bin/phpPHP script text executable
3-32/bin/nawknew awk script text executable
3-32/usr/bin/nawknew awk script text executable
3-32/usr/local/bin/nawknew awk script text executable
3-32/bin/gawkGNU awk script text executable
3-32/usr/bin/gawkGNU awk script text executable
3-32/usr/local/bin/gawkGNU awk script text executable
3-32/bin/awkawk script text executable
3-32/usr/bin/awkawk script text executable
>10BEGIN {awk script text
1=QL5QL disk dump data
1=QL5=AQL disk dump data, 720 KB
1=QL5=BQL disk dump data, 1.44 MB
1=QL5=CQL disk dump data, 3.2 MB
1NqNqNq`QL firmware executable (BCPL)
1-32##SketchSketch document text
1GSTImGNU SmallTalk
1<!SQ DTD>Compiled SGML rules file
1<!SQ A/E>A/E SGML Document binary
1<!SQ STS>SGML binary styles file
1-32SQ BITMAP1SoftQuad Raster Format text, version 1
1-32SQ BITMAP2SoftQuad Raster Format text, version 2
1X 495SoftQuad troff Context intermediate for AT&T 495 laser printer
1X hpSoftQuad troff Context intermediate for Hewlett-Packard LaserJet
1X imprSoftQuad troff Context intermediate for IMAGEN imPRESS
1X psSoftQuad troff Context intermediate for PostScript
1PLUS3DOSSpectrum +3 data
16TAPEFILESpectrum +3 data, ZXT tapefile
1ZXTape!Spectrum .TZX data
1RZX!Spectrum .RZX data
1MV - CPCEMU Disk-FilAmstrad/Spectrum .DSK data
1MV - CPC format DisAmstrad/Spectrum DU54 .DSK data
1EXTENDED CPC DSK FilAmstrad/Spectrum Extended .DSK data
1SINCLAIRSpectrum .SCL Betadisk image
1RS-IDESpectrum .HDF hard disk image
1iRivDBiRiver Database file
40iHP-100iRiver Database file, H series
1** This file contains an SQLiteSQLite 2.x database
1SQLite format 3SQLite 3.x database
61_MTNSQLite 3.x database, Monotone source repository
1#SUNPC_CONFIGSunPC 4.0 Properties Values
1snoopSnoop capture file
37acspMSFTMicrosoft ICM Color Profile
37acspKodak Color Management System, ICC Profile
1Cobalt Networks Inc.Paged COBALT boot rom
1CRfsCOBALT boot rom data (Flat boot rom or file system)
1StartFontMetricsASCII font metrics
1StartFontASCII font bits
1T707Roland TR-707 Data
1@CT T602 document data
1@CT 0T602 document data, Kamenicky
1@CT 1T602 document data, CP 852
1@CT 2T602 document data, KOI8-CS
1VimCrypt~Vim encrypted file data
1b0VIMVim swap file
1#!teapotteapot work sheet (XDR format)
1-64This is TeX,TeX transcript text
1-64This is METAFONT,METAFONT transcript text
1-64input texinfoTexinfo source text
1-64This is Info fileGNU Info text
1-408\inputTeX document text
1-408\sectionLaTeX document text
1-408\setlengthLaTeX document text
1-408\documentstyleLaTeX document text
1-408\chapterLaTeX document text
1-408\documentclassLaTeX 2e document text
1-408\relaxLaTeX auxiliary file
1-408\contentslineLaTeX table of contents
1-408% -*-latex-*-LaTeX document text
1-32\ifxTeX document text
1-408\indexentryLaTeX raw index file
1-408\begin{theindex}LaTeX raw index file
1-408\glossaryentryLaTeX raw glossary
1-408\begin{theglossary}LaTeX sorted glossary
1-408This is makeindexMakeindex log file
1-32@article{BibTeX text file
1-32@book{BibTeX text file
1-32@inbook{BibTeX text file
1-32@incollection{BibTeX text file
1-32@inproceedings{BibTeX text file
1-32@manual{BibTeX text file
1-32@misc{BibTeX text file
1-32@preamble{BibTeX text file
1-32@phdthesis{BibTeX text file
1-32@techreport{BibTeX text file
1-32@unpublished{BibTeX text file
73-100%%% BibTeX-file{ BibTex text file (with full header)
73-128%%% @BibTeX-style-file{BibTeX style text file (with full header)
1-64% BibTeX standard bibliography BibTeX standard bibliography style text file
1-64% BibTeX `BibTeX custom bibliography style text file
1-64@c @mapfile{TeX font aliases text file
1%TGIF Tgif file version
1**TI73**TI-73 Graphing Calculator file
1**TI80**TI-80 Graphing Calculator file
1**TI81**TI-81 Graphing Calculator file
1**TI82**TI-82 Graphing Calculator file
1**TI83**TI-83 Graphing Calculator file
1**TI83F*TI-83+ Graphing Calculator file
1**TI85**TI-85 Graphing Calculator file
1**TI86**TI-86 Graphing Calculator file
1**TI89**TI-89 Graphing Calculator file
1**TI92**TI-92 Graphing Calculator file
1**TI92P*TI-92+/V200 Graphing Calculator file
23AdvancedTI-XX Graphing Calculator (FLASH)
1**TIFL**TI-XX Graphing Calculator (FLASH)
1VTIVirtual TI skin
1TiEmuTiEmu skin
1TZiftimezone data
1-32.\\"troff or preprocessor input text
1-32'\\"troff or preprocessor input text
1-32'.\\"troff or preprocessor input text
1-32\\"troff or preprocessor input text
1-32'''troff or preprocessor input text
1x Tditroff output text
5catditroff output text for the C/A/T phototypesetter
5psditroff output text for PostScript
5dviditroff output text for DVI
5asciiditroff output text for ASCII
5lj4ditroff output text for LaserJet 4
5latin1ditroff output text for LaserJet 4
5X75ditroff output text for xditview at 75dpi
5X100ditroff output text for xditview at 100dpi
1$SuiteTTCN Abstract Test Suite (ISO 9646-3)
1Interpress/XeroxXerox InterPress data
1+/v8Unicode text, UTF-7
1+/v9Unicode text, UTF-7
1+/v+Unicode text, UTF-7
1+/v/Unicode text, UTF-7
1begin uuencoded or xxencoded text
1xbtoa Beginbtoa'd text
3shipship'd binary text
1Decode the following withbdeco
12must be converted with BinHexBinHex binary text
1Joy!peffpwpcheader for PowerPC PEF executable
1avaobjAVR assembler object code
1gmonGNU prof performance data
2HRBHarbour HRB file
1execBugOS executable
1packBugOS archive
1XPCOMXPConnect Typelib
1LBLSIZE=VICAR image data
33BYTEVICAR image data, 8 bits = VAX byte
33HALFVICAR image data, 16 bits = VAX word = Fortran INTEGER*2
33FULLVICAR image data, 32 bits = VAX longword = Fortran INTEGER*4
33REALVICAR image data, 32 bits = VAX longword = Fortran REAL*4
33DOUBVICAR image data, 64 bits = VAX quadword = Fortran REAL*8
33COMPLEXVICAR image data, 64 bits = VAX quadword = Fortran COMPLEX*8
44SFDU_LABELVICAR label file
1-8%%!!X-Post-It-Note text
1BEGIN:VCALENDARvCalendar calendar file
1BEGIN:VCARDvCard visiting card
5gtktalogGNOME Catalogue (gtktalog) - a libtool library filelibtool library file
1-112.lo - a libtool object filelibtool object file
44033PKVMS VAX executable, Info-ZIP SFX archive v5.12 w/decryption
75265PKVMS VAX executable, Info-ZIP SFX archive v5.12 w/decryption
3.VISIXVISX image file, ascii text
1OggSOgg data
30FLACOgg data, FLAC audio
30theoraOgg data, Theora video
30kateOgg data, Kate
29fisheadOgg data, Skeleton
29Speex Ogg data, Speex audio
30videoOgg data, OGM video
38div3Ogg data, OGM video, DivX 3
38divxOgg data, OGM video, DivX 4
38dx50Ogg data, OGM video, DivX 5
38xvidOgg data, OGM video, XviD
30vorbisOgg data, Vorbis audio
2WPC(WP) loadable file
1HWP Document FileHangul (Korean) Word Processor File 3.0
1CSBKTed Neslson's CosmicBook hypertext file
3EYWRAmigaWriter file
3IIXPR3Intel Quark Express Document (English)
3IIXPRaIntel Quark Express Document (Korean)
3MMXPR3Motorola Quark Express Document (English)
3MMXPRaMotorola Quark Express Document (Korean)
17DOCUMENTAdobe InDesign document
1DOCJust System Word Processor Ichitaro
145JDASHJust System Word Processor Ichitaro v4
1%XDELTA%XDelta binary patch file 0.14
1%XDZ000%XDelta binary patch file 0.18
1%XDZ001%XDelta binary patch file 0.20
1%XDZ002%XDelta binary patch file 1.0
1%XDZ003%XDelta binary patch file 1.0.4
1%XDZ004%XDelta binary patch file 1.1
1corecore file (Xenix)
3__.SYMDEFcore file (Xenix) randomized
2mkxCompiled XKB Keymap, lsb
1xkmCompiled XKB Keymap, msb
1xFSdump0xfsdump archive
1ZyXELZyXEL voice data