Marc Ruef
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"Some of my clients are very awesome. And I like that ;)" - @mruef vor 7 Jahren via Twitter

Marc Ruef is born in 1981. In 1997 he founded, the most popular German-speaking board about computer security in the 90’s. When he was 18 years old his first book got published which discussed the security of Windows operating systems. More books about cybersecurity succeeded over the years. His most popular work is "The Art of Penetration Testing" which got released 2007 by a German publisher. Reprints of the book are sold even today. It discusses the professional approach to identify security vulnerabilities in computer systems, how to exploit and mitigate them. In the last 25 years he worked on 16 books, published more than 275 articles in seven different languages and gave more than 200 interviews. He is also a regular lecturer at multiple universities like ETH Zurich for example.

He is co-founder of the company scip AG in Zurich, which provides consulting services in the broad field of cybersecurity. He lead the Red Team for 12 years. In the meanwhile he is responsible for the research department which supports the other teams and does research for customers. Especially exotic projects like car hacking or medical device security are handled by the so called Titanium Team. Their work is well-known worldwide as they have coordinated the disclosure of severe security issues in cars by Mercedes and different x-ray devices for example.