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This is a list of links to the web sites of software projects or links to the downloads themselves. Only a small amount of work is listed here. Most releases were published as additional improvements to existing projects. (16 Software, software.csv)

Attack Tool Kit (ATK)
2003-2024, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
The ATK is an open-source exploiting framework for Windows. The plugin-based system allows the detection and exploitation of vulnerabilities. With such a proof-of-concept the existence and severity of security holes can be determined. This application has been discussed in several books and papers about professional vulnerability assessments. The software has been ported to different platforms (e.g. ANSI C, C#, Ruby).

2008-2024, UNIX/Windows, PHP/ASP
The browserrecon project is doing some research in the field of web client fingerprinting. The goal is the highly accurate identification of given web browser implementations. Besides the discussion of different approaches and the documentation of gathered results also an implementation for automated analysis is provided. This software shall improve the easyness and efficiency of this kind of enumeration.

2002-2005, UNIX/Linux, Shell Script
Catwalk is able to do scanning and enumeration in a network automatically and highly efficient. This is an enormous advantage within professional vulnerability assessments which require to do the same access attempts over and over again (e.g. route-traceing).

2001, UNIX/Linux, Shell/CGI Script
The request/response scheme allows the bot to interact with human beings within a chat session. If an answer is not known by the artificial intellicence, the reaction of the chat partner is observed. This interaction will be used within further dialogs. Therefore, the AI is able to 'learn' and evolve.

2006-2024, Microsoft Windows, Win32 EXE
codEX is an application which is written for Microsoft Windows. The GUI based frameworks makes source code analysis much easier and partially automated. With the virtual compilation of the original source code into METACODE further formal analysis is possible without further language dependency.

Dante Security Scanner
2002-2003, UNIX/Linux, Shell/CGI Script
The Dante Security Scanner is a vulnerability scanner with a modulare architecture. The user is able to scan different hosts for possible flaws. This project is not maintained anymore because it was followed by the Attack Tool Kit Project. Dante was discussed in the book 'Haking Intern' for example.

2006-2024, Microsoft Windows, Win32 EXE
Entropia is the name of a framework which can be used for the analysis if random and pseudo-random values (e.g. session ids, transaction numbers, hashes, encrypted messages, etc.). At a first step the determination of the used algorithm is possible with enhanced fingerprinting. And the second step allows the analysis if the characteristics and flaws of the mechanism (e.g. weak entropy).

2008-2024, Windows/Linux, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 / PHP
The filerecon project is doing some research in the field of file fingerprinting. The goal is the highly accurate identification of given file structures. This is very important to identify file association (e.g. during a forensic analysis or data recovery). Besides the discussion of different approaches and the documentation of gathered results also an implementation for automated analysis is provided.

2007-2024, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 / Lua
httprecon provides an open-source utility of enhanced web server fingerprinting. By using traditional and new techniques the provided httpd implementation can be detected which is very important for further enumeration and attacks. Some of these techniques were introduced in the book 'Die Kunst des Penetration Testing'. Furthermore, new fingerprints can be saved within the database and results exported into html reports.

Nmap NSE Vulscan
2010-2024, Windows/Linux, Nmap NSE (Lua)
The nmap project provides the possibility of enhancing the enumeration techniques of the utility by using the nmap scripting engine (NSE) based on the scripting language Lua. The nmap nse vulscan script helps to identify vulnerabilities within services which has been identified by version detection of nmap.

PGP SDA Cracker
2008, Microsoft Windows, Win32 EXE
The PGP SDA Cracker is a Windows utility written to attack self-extracting PGP EXE archives. The GUI-based attack tries to identify the password with traditional bruteforce. This implementation is a proof-of-concept in a first place to prove the ability of attacking highly proprietary security solutions without public interfaces.

2007-2024, UNIX/Linux, PHP
The procms (Project CMS) is a free and simple Web Content Management System written in PHP. The data is saved within flat text files so no further installation of a database (e.g. MySQL) is required. This allows the publishing of small software projects very fast and easy.

Simple Windows Bash (swb)
2002, Microsoft Windows, Batch Script
The Simple Windows Bash (swb) is a very simple adaption of the Linux Bourne Again Shell (bash). The collected batch scripts help Linux users to use their well-known commands and syntax on a Windows platform (e.g. ls and uname -a).

Skype Logger
2008-2009, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
The Skype Logger is a simple tool which introduces the possibility of logging all actions within the Skype client under Windows. Therefore, it is possible to record all actions as like logins/logoffs of friends or changes in their status. To use the software the Skype client must be running and the access to the API allowed.

2008-2024, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
Similar to httprecon is telnetrecon able to do an advanced application fingerprinting of telnet servers. By analyzing the options negotiation of session initiations the given implementation can be identified very exactly.

Virgil CGI Scanner
2002, UNIX/Linux, Shell/CGI Script
Virgil is a web-based CGI scanner. It is very easy to use the software with a web browser to detect vulnerabilities on web servers. Due to a serious vulnerability within Virgin the frontend should be protected (e.g. an htaccess password authentication).