This page is all about art with the classic Sim City
Marc Art: Well, this is my small introduction to the SimArt. It was very hard to center both lines. And it was hard to disappear all trees that comes sometimes up in the park elements.
Lines of Transport: It reminds a bit of Eschers paintings about infinity. These two lines of transport (street and rail) invent to a hypnosis.
Nuclear Winter: A picture that transports a very sad mood. It is cold and not very friendly. One of the main problems of this picture was, that the SNES have hat problems displaying all elements correctly. Some of them disappear on the edge of the screen. It was needed to move the view a bit around to get a clean snapshot.
World Wide Web: This picture shows the interconnection, the Internet, the World Wide Web. So everything is able to communicate with something other. But I was not able to create an fully functionally environment, so that buildings could be built at the same time. The popularity of this city was between 250 and 960.