Attack Tool Kit
the open-source exploiting framework
"This tool checks for leaks and vulnerabilities on any system with an easy interface ... and nice documentation - worth checking for sure!" - Prof. Dr. Urs E. Gattiker, Author of the books "Virus Revealed", "The Information Security Dictionary" and "Technology Management in Organizations"
The acronym ATK stands for Attack Tool Kit. It was first developed to provide a very small and handy tool for Windows to realize fast checks for dedicated vulnerabilities. In the meanwhile it is a combination of security scanner (e.g. Nessus) and exploiting framework (e.g. MetaSploit). The special thing about ATK is that the tool is able to do the work without great interaction. But there is also always the possibility to vary and change the behaviour of the software. This concern the plugins, checking, enumeration and reporting. The user is not depending on the ideas of the developers - If needed because of the modularity nearly every change can be done within a few seconds. ATK is written in Visual Basic, underlies the General Public License (GPL) and is absolutely free to use and distribute.

Attack Tool Kit 4.1 in action