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You are able to configure the behaviour of the Attack Tool Kit (ATK) by opening the configuration. This can be done in the main frame by clicking on the configuration button for example. After this action the configuration frame is opening.

If you open the configuration for the first time since the installation of the ATK, the default values will be loaded. Most of them are very conservative to prevent errors during the software runtime or a security audit. But you are able to use the software with the default configuration without problems.

In the configuration frame you are able to change the behaviour of the ATK. By clicking on the different tab strips you can reach the configuration posibilities. A very important change on every audit is the definition of the target. An IP address (e.g. or host name (e.g. of the target can be specified. Please be sure that you have the permission of the owner and administrator of the target to start a scan or attack.

By clicking on the OK button the configuration will be saved in the configuration sub directory \configuration\config.ini of your ATK working directory. This is a usual INI file that could be edited with every ASCII text editor as like notepad.exe or WordPad. Please do not change the values manually unless you really know what you are doing. Every point can be configured very easy and safe over the configuration front end of the software.

If you are not happy with your changes of the configuration you can click the Cancel button the restore the last loaded configuration. This is usually done if you defined a wrong value and do not know the old one. If your configuration is totally corrupted, please click on the default button. This action flushes the individual configuration and restores the default configuration that comes with the clean installation of the ATK.