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The installation of the Attack Tool Kit (ATK) software is very easy and fast. First of all there is no official installation or setup routine given. This means that you are able to copy just the needed files into a working directory to get the software running. In most cases the decompressing or exporting of the files of the ZIP archive are the only work to do.

After this is done, you can start the software by opening the one and only executable file (usually atk.exe) in the software working directory.

Tha lack of providing an installation routine is a plus for the software. You do not need to run a large and overblown setup routine that is checking your system and putting some unwanted libraries and registry keys on your system. You can quick and easy copy the needed files and run the software. All needed files are saved in the working directory. Also the configuration is saved in an ASCII text file in a sub-directory.

The de-installation of the software is done in the same. Just delete the working directory and all files in it to clean your system of the software. No further files or registry keys are left on your system. Files and data (e.g. reports or plugins) could be left on the system if they were saved manually outside the working directory. To prevent this, please use the default directories only for exporting and saving data unless you know were you have left the additional files.