httprecon project
advanced web server fingerprinting
"Very nice (and rare!) kind of project. Thx for and my five stars!" - Light Templer,
The following listing shows the changelog for the project. The different releases are listed in a reverse chronological order. For every release the applied bugfixes and the introduced features are shown. The release date is also displayed. Additionally the importance and urgency for the upgrade is shown. This ranges from not important (5) to very important (1).

  • httprecon 7.3 (05/03/2009, less important)

  • Bugfixes
    • cleared fingerprint database from wrong/duplicate entries
    • sorted the fingerprint database for better overview
    • minor improvements in source code

    • introduced the shell script to sort and clear the fingerprint database

  • httprecon 7.2 (04/26/2009, more important)

  • Bugfixes
    • serious bug in statustext analysis fixed
    • corrupt statustext fingerprint saves fixed
    • 363 different implementations documented

    • preview report in main frame has now a grey background

  • httprecon 7.0 (04/16/2009, more important)

  • Bugfixes
    • improvement of details in XML reports
    • fixed object disable feature in frames
    • changed response field from a simple textbox to an enhanced richtextbox (requires RICHTX32.OCX now)
    • added dynamic context menu to response field
    • changed appearance of icon animation in the about
    • performance improvement within source code

    • hit match visualization by selecting hitlist item
    • test-related hitlist view by double clicking on listview entry
    • analysis features by right-clicking on hitlist item
    • quick search in matchlist by pressing any key
    • text report preview as additional tab

  • httprecon 6.1 (04/10/2009, less important)

  • Bugfixes
    • window title displays full scan destination
    • fixed typo in configuration window regarding req_agent_noredirect
    • changed the logo color in the about frame to grey

    • introduction of XML reports
    • dynamic support of report details regarding output format
    • dynamic sub-directory selection during open/save processes
    • full documentation of GPLv3 association in source code (including COPYING.TXT)

  • httprecon 6.0 (04/05/2009, more important)

  • Bugfixes
    • optimized source code
    • full fingerprint details contain http response text
    • display of fingerprint details kept after analysis is finished
    • chapter numbers of txt reports fixed
    • tab order in configuration frame fixed
    • providing 315 http fingerprints

    • update check feature introduced
    • req_agent_noresponse configuration settings prevents automated redirects (suggested by Adam Qualset)
    • csv reports introduced
    • generation of reports allows definition of hitlist size
    • double click on scan result listing lookups implementation with Google

  • httprecon 5.3 (01/17/2009, very important)

  • Bugfixes
    • html reports utf-7 cross site scripting possibility (reported by Stefan Friedli)
    • very long http header response remote denial of service (reported by Stefan Friedli)
    • large numbers config parsing local denial of service (reported by Stefan Friedli)

    • introduction of config templates

  • httprecon 2.2 (12/27/2007, more important)

  • Bugfixes
    • improved error handling regading reading scan files

    • introduced support for scanning https/ssl web servers
    • adding support for anonymized/detailed scan files

  • httprecon 1.1 (12/08/2007, very important)

  • Bugfixes
    • fixed a problem regarding quotes within the html reports

    • scan time and target host are saved in the scan files
    • best match name re-used while saving a new fingerprint