httprecon project
advanced web server fingerprinting
"Marc Ruef developed a new tool to make fingerprinting of web servers much easier. While using different test cases the hard requirements of such an identification can be met much better and more precise." - Martin Rutishauser, OneConsult GmbH, Director Training and Research
Test: attack_request (GET [attack_request] HTTP/1.1)
Fingerprint: x-powered-by

Optional header which announces some additionally installed software packages.

1Abyss X2PHP/5.1.2
2Abyss X1PHP/5.2.2
3Abyss X1PHP/5.2.4
4Abyss X2PHP/5.2.2
5Abyss X2PHP/5.2.5
6Apache 1.3.26PHP/4.1.2
7Apache 1.3.26PHP/4.3.11
8Apache 1.3.33PHP/4.3.8-9
9Apache 1.3.33PHP/4.4.2
10Apache 1.3.33PHP/5.2.5-0.dotdeb.1
11Apache 1.3.34PHP/4.4.2
12Apache 1.3.37PHP/4.3.10-22
13Apache 1.3.37PHP/4.4.7
14Apache 1.3.39PHP/5.2.5
15Apache 2.0.46PHP/5.1.6
16Apache 2.0.49PHP/4.3.9
17Apache 2.0.52PHP/4.3.9
18Apache 2.0.52PHP/5.1.4
19Apache 2.0.52PHP/5.1.6
20Apache 2.0.54PHP/4.3.10-22
21Apache 2.0.54PHP/4.4.6
22Apache 2.0.59PHP/5.2.1
23Apache 2.0.59Zope (, Python (
24Apache 2.2.3Agavi/0.11.0-dev on PHP/5.2.4
25Apache 2.2.3PHP/4.3.9
26Apache 2.2.3PHP/4.4.4-8+etch4
27Apache 2.2.3PHP/5.1.6
28Apache 2.2.3PHP/5.2.1
29Apache 2.2.3PHP/5.2.3
30Apache 2.2.3PHP/5.2.5-0.dotdeb.1
31Apache 2.2.3PHP/5.2.8-0.dotdeb.1
32Apache 2.2.4PHP/5.2.0
33Apache 2.2.4PHP/5.2.2
34Apache 2.2.6PHP/5.2.5
35Microsoft IIS 5.0ASP.NET
36Microsoft IIS 6.0ASP.NET
37Microsoft IIS 6.0ASP.NET 2.0
38Microsoft IIS 7.0ASP.NET
39Oracle Application Server 10g
40Zeus 4.3PHP/5.1.6
41lighttpd 1.4.18PHP/5.2.1
42lighttpd 1.4.19PHP/5.2.8
43lighttpd 1.4.22PHP/5.2.5
44nginx 0.6.16PHP/5.2.4
45nginx 0.7.35PHP/5.2.4

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