httprecon project
advanced web server fingerprinting
"Excellent analysis and reporting." - Zh,
Test: get_long (GET /aaa(...) HTTP/1.1)
Fingerprint: statustext

Human readable explaination of the status code (e.g. Found or Forbidden).

10W 0.8cRequest-URI Too Long
24D WebSTAR 2.0File Not Found
34D WebSTAR 2.1.1File Not Found
44D WebSTAR 3.0.2File Not Found
54D WebSTAR 4.2OK
64D WebSTAR 4.5OK
74D WebSTAR 5.3.1OK
84D WebSTAR 5.3.3Not Found
94D WebSTAR 5.4.0Not Found
10AIDeX Mini-Webserver 1.1Bad Request
11AOLserver 2.3.3Not Found
12AOLserver 3.3.1Not Found
13AOLserver 3.3.1OK
14AOLserver 3.4.2Forbidden
15AOLserver 3.4.2Not Found
16AOLserver 3.5.0Not Found
17AOLserver 4.0.10Not Found
18AOLserver 4.0.10OK
19AOLserver 4.0.10aNot Found
20AOLserver 4.0.11aNot Found
21AOLserver 4.5.0Not Found
22AXIS 2400 Video ServerNot Found
23Abyss X2Not Found
24Abyss X2Internal Server Error
25Abyss X1Internal Server Error
26Abyss X2Internal Server Error
27Abyss X2Internal Server Error
28AllegroServe 1.2.50 Not Found
29Anti-Web HTTPD 3.0.7OK
30Anti-Web HTTPD 4.0beta13Not Found
31Apache 1.2.6Forbidden
32Apache 1.3.12Forbidden
33Apache 1.3.17Forbidden
34Apache 1.3.26Forbidden
35Apache 1.3.26Not Found
36Apache 1.3.26OK
37Apache 1.3.27Forbidden
38Apache 1.3.27Not Found
39Apache 1.3.28Forbidden
40Apache 1.3.29Forbidden
41Apache 1.3.31Forbidden
42Apache 1.3.33Forbidden
43Apache 1.3.33OK
44Apache 1.3.34Forbidden
45Apache 1.3.34Not Found
46Apache 1.3.35Forbidden
47Apache 1.3.37Forbidden
48Apache 1.3.37Not Found
49Apache 1.3.37OK
50Apache 1.3.39Forbidden
51Apache 1.3.41Forbidden
52Apache 2.0.45Forbidden
53Apache 2.0.45OK
54Apache 2.0.46Forbidden
55Apache 2.0.48Forbidden
56Apache 2.0.49Forbidden
57Apache 2.0.50Forbidden
58Apache 2.0.51Forbidden
59Apache 2.0.52Forbidden
60Apache 2.0.53Forbidden
61Apache 2.0.54Forbidden
62Apache 2.0.54Forbidden
63Apache 2.0.55Forbidden
64Apache 2.0.55OK
65Apache 2.0.58Forbidden
66Apache 2.0.59Forbidden
67Apache 2.0.59OK
68Apache 2.0.63OK
69Apache 2.2.0Forbidden
70Apache 2.2.11Forbidden
71Apache 2.2.2Forbidden
72Apache 2.2.3Forbidden
73Apache 2.2.3Forbidden
74Apache 2.2.3Forbidden
75Apache 2.2.3Forbidden
76Apache 2.2.3Not Found
77Apache 2.2.3OK
78Apache 2.2.4Forbidden
79Apache 2.2.4OK
80Apache 2.2.6Forbidden
81Apache 2.2.6OK
82Apache 2.2.8Forbidden
83Apache 2.2.8Forbidden
84Apache 2.2.9Forbidden
85Apache 2.3.0Forbidden
86Araneida 0.84OK
87Ashleys WebserverOK
88BadBlue 2.4OK
89BadBlue 2.5OK
90BadBlue 2.6OK
91BadBlue 2.7OK
92Barracuda Networks Spam FirewallInternal Error
93BaseHTTPServer 0.3OK
94Belkin Router 2.00.002Bad Request
95Boa 0.92oNot Found
96Boa 0.93.15Bad Request
97Boa 0.94.14rc21Bad Request
98CL-HTTP 70.216Not Found
99Caudium 1.4.9No such file or directory.
100Cherokee 0.6.0Not Found
101Cherokee 0.99Not Found
102Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator Virata EmWeb R6.2.0OK
103Compaq HTTP Server 5.2Ok
104Compaq HTTP Server 5.7Ok
105Compaq HTTP Server 5.91Ok
106Compaq HTTP Server 5.94Ok
107Compaq HTTP Server 9.9Forbidden
108Cougar 9.5.6001.6264OK
109DM Simple http Server Beta 1OK
110Dell 1710nUnknown Error
111Dell 3232Unknown Error
112Dell M5200Unknown Error
113Divar 1.00Bad Request
114Divar 1.10.538.0Bad Request
115Divar 1.11.626.0Bad Request
116Divar 1.12.649.0Bad Request
117Final Web ServerOK
118FlexWATCH FW-3440-BSite or Page Not Found
119Fortinet FortigateInvalid Request
120Gatling 0.10Not Found
121Gatling 0.9Not Found
122GlobalSCAPE Secure Server 3.3Unauthorized
123Google Web Server 2.1Not Found
124HTTPi 1.5.2File Not Found
125HTTPi 1.6.1File Not Found
126Hiawatha 6.11OK
127Hiawatha 6.2Internal Server Error
128IBM HTTP Server
129IBM HTTP Server
130IBM HTTP Server
131IBM HTTP Server
132IPC@CHIP 1.01Bad Request
133IPC@CHIP 1.04Bad Request
134IceWarp 8.3.0Not Found
135Indy IdHTTPServer 9.00.10OK
136Jana-Server Found
137Jetty 5.1.10OK
138Jetty 5.1.1Internal Server Error
139Jetty 6.1.1OK
140Jigsaw 2.2.5Unauthorized
141Jigsaw 2.2.6Not Found
142Jigsaw 2.3.0-beta1Not Found
143KGet web interface 2.1.3Authorization Required
144KLone 2.1.0rc1Not Found
145Konica IP-421/7020 Allegro RomPager 2.00BadRequest
146LANCOM DSL/10 Office 3.50.0012OK
147LANCOM DSL/I-10 3.58.0006OK
148LANCOM DSL/I-10 3.58.0006OK
149LANCOM DSL/I-10 Office 3.59.0006OK
150LANCOM DSL/I-1611 4.02.0003OK
151LANCOM DSL/I-1611 4.12.0031OK
152LANCOM DSL/I-1611 5.06.0005OK
153LANCOM DSL/I-1611 6.02.0008OK
154LANCOM DSL/I-1611 6.06.0012OK
155LANCOM DSL/I-1611 6.24.0012OK
156LANCOM DSL/I-1611 6.26.0022OK
157LANCOM DSL/I-1611 6.32.0021OK
158Lexmark C750Unknown Error
159Lexmark E323Unknown Error
160Lexmark Optra S 1255Unauthorized
161Lexmark T630Unknown Error
162ListManagerWeb 8.8cAuthorization Required
163LiteSpeed Web Server 3.3Not Found
164Lotus Domino Go Webserver file was not found, even after searching on any extensions to the
file name.
165Mathopd 1.5p6Request-URI Too Long
166Micah Lansing Advanced WebServer 1.2OK
167Microsoft IIS 5.0OK
168Microsoft IIS 5.0Object Not Found
169Microsoft IIS 5.0URL Too Long
170Microsoft IIS 5.0URL Too Long
171Microsoft IIS 5.1URL Too Long
172Microsoft IIS 6.0Bad Request
173Microsoft IIS 6.0Bad Request
174Microsoft IIS 6.0Forbidden
175Microsoft IIS 6.0Not Found
176Microsoft IIS 6.0Not Found
177Microsoft IIS 7.0Bad Request
178Microsoft IIS 7.0Bad Request
179Microsoft ISA Server 2006OK
180Mongrel 1.0Proxy Error
181Nanoweb 2.2.10Not Found
182Net2Phone Rapid Logic 1.1Not Found
183NetBotz 320 thttpd 2.25bInternal Error
184NetBotz 420 thttpd 2.25bInternal Error
185NetBotz 500 thttpd 2.25bInternal Error
186NetWare Enterprise Web Server 5.1Request-URI Too Long
187Netgear RP114 3.26Bad Request
188Netopia Router Allegro RomPager 2.10BadRequest
189Netscape Enterprise Server 2.01Forbidden
190Netscape Enterprise Server 3.5.1Not found
191Netscape Enterprise Server 3.5.1GForbidden
192Netscape Enterprise Server 4.1OK
193Netscape Enterprise Server 6.0500: Server Error [10-0004]
194Netscape Enterprise Server 6.0Forbidden
195Netscape Enterprise Server 6.0Not found
196Netscape Fasttrack 3.02aForbidden
197Novell Access Manager 3OK
198OSU 3.12alphaForbidden
199OSU 3.9: HTTP/1.1
200OmniHTTPd 2.06�ɦW�ΰ�ɦW�Ӫ��C
201OmniHTTPd 2.09The filename or extension is too long.
202OmniHTTPd 2.10Nazwa pliku lub jej rozszerzenie s� za d�ugie.
203OmniHTTPd 2.10The filename or extension is too long.
204OpenSA 1.0.1Forbidden
205OpenSA 1.0.3Forbidden
206OpenSA 1.0.4Forbidden
207OpenSA 1.0.5Forbidden
208Oracle Application Server 10g
209Oracle Application Server 10g
210Oracle Application Server 10g
211Oracle Application Server 10g
212Oracle Application Server 10g
213Oracle Application Server 10g
214Oracle Application Server 10g
215Oracle Application Server 10g
216Oracle Application Server 10g
217Oracle Application Server 10g
218Oracle Application Server 9i
219Oracle Application Server 9i 9.0.2Forbidden
220Oracle Application Server 9i Found
221Orion 2.0.7Not Found
222Oversee Webserver 1.3.18OK
223PacketShaper httpd 1.00OK
224Philips NetCam 1.2.6 wg_httpd 1.0Not Found
225Philips NetCam 1.2.7 wg_httpd 1.0Not Found
226Philips NetCam 1.4.23 wg_httpd 1.0Not Found
227Philips NetCam 1.4.8 wg_httpd 1.0Not Found
228QNAP GNS-8000A Error
229QNAP NAS-2108R 2.27.1024Internal Error
230QNAP NAS-4010 Error
231QNAP NAS-4100 2.26.0517Internal Error
232QNAP TS-101 Error
233QNAP TS-101 Error
234QNAP TS-101 Turbo Station Error
235QNAP TS-109 Error
236QNAP TS-109 Error
237QNAP TS-209 Error
238QNAP TS-209 Error
239QNAP TS-40IT Turbo Server Error
240QNAP TS-411U Error
241Resin 2.1.17Bad Request The request contains an illegal URL.
242Resin 3.0.23The request contains an illegal URL.
243Resin 3.0.6The request contains an illegal URL.
244Ricoh Aficio 1022 Web-Server 3.0Not Found
245Ricoh Aficio 1045 5.23 Web-Server 3.0Not Found
246Ricoh Aficio 1060 3.53.3 Web-Server 3.0Not Found
247Ricoh Aficio 6002 3.53.3 Web-Server 3.0Not Found
248Roxen 2.2.213No such file or directory.
249Roxen 4.5.111Forbidden
250Roxen 4.5.145Not Found
251SHOUTcast Server 1.9.5OK
252SHOUTcast Server 1.9.8OK
253SWAT 3.0.24Authorization Required
254Snap Appliance 3.1.603Not Implemented
255Snap Appliance 3.4.803Not Implemented
256Snap Appliance 3.4.805Not Implemented
257Snap Appliance 4.0.830Not Implemented
258Snap Appliance 4.0.854Not Implemented
259Snap Appliance 4.0.860Not Implemented
260SnapStream Digital Video RecorderObject Not Found
261Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 1.09Bad Request
262Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 2.05Bad Request
263Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 2.05gBad Request
264Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 2.06Bad Request
265Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 2.13Bad Request
266Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 2.14Bad Request
267Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 2.24Bad Request
268Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 3.01Bad Request
269Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 3.02Bad Request
270Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 3.03Bad Request
271Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 3.10Bad Request
272Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 3.10aBad Request
273Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 3.14Bad Request
274Sony SNC-Z20 NetZoom 1.00Bad Request
275Squid 2.5.STABLE5Bad Request
276Squid 2.5.STABLE9Bad Request
277Squid 2.6.STABLE13Bad Request
278Squid 2.6.STABLE4Forbidden
279Squid 2.6.STABLE7Forbidden
280StWeb 1.3.27Forbidden
281Sun Java System Web Server 6.1Forbidden
282Sun Java System Web Server 7.0Not Found
283Sun Java System Web Server 7.0OK
284Sun ONE Web Server 6.1Bad Request
285Sun ONE Web Server 6.1Forbidden
286Sun ONE Web Server 6.1OK
287Symantec Mail Security for SMTPOK
288Tandberg Videoconference ManagementUnauthorized
289TclHttpd 3.5.1Data follows
290TheServer 2.21LNot Found
291Tomcat Web Server 3.2.2Not Found
292UserLand Frontier 9.0.1Not Found
293UserLand Frontier 9.5Not Found
294VMware ESX web serverNot Found
295VS Web Server 01.00.00OK
296Virtuoso 5.0.3Not Found
297WDaemon 9.6.1Not Found
298WEBrick 1.3.1Not Found
299WN Server 2.4.7not found
300WallBotz 500 thttpd 2.25bInternal Error
301Xerox DocuPrint N4025 Allegro RomPager 3.06b1Bad Request
302Xerox Phaser 6200Not Found
303Xerox Phaser 7300Not Found
304Xerox Phaser 8200Not Found
305Xerox Phaser 860Not Found
306Yaws 1.65Not Found
307Yaws 1.68Not Found
308Yaws 1.72Not Found
309Yaws 6.0.5Not Found
310Zeus 4.3Not found
311Zeus 4.41Not Found
312Zoom ADSLNot Found
313Zope 2.10.4Not Found
314Zope 2.5.0Not Found
315Zope 2.5.1Not Found
316Zope 2.6.0Internal Server Error
317Zope 2.6.0Not Found
318Zope 2.6.1Not Found
319Zope 2.6.4Not Found
320Zope 2.7.4Not Found
321Zope 2.7.5Not Found
322Zope 2.7.6Forbidden
323Zope 2.7.6Not Found
324Zope 2.7.7Not Found
325Zope 2.7.8Not Found
326Zope 2.7.9Not Found
327Zope 2.8.0Not Found
328Zope 2.8.2Not Found
329Zope 2.8.4Not Found
330Zope 2.8.6Not Found
331Zope 2.8.7Not Found
332Zope 2.9.2Not Found
333Zope 2.9.3Not Found
334Zope 2.9.5Not Found
335Zope 2.9.6Not Found
336Zope 2.9.7Not Found
337Zope 2.9.8Not Found
338Zyxel ZyWALL 10W RomPager 4.07Bad Request
339Zyxel P-2602HW-D1A RomPager 4.51Bad Request
340Zyxel P-660R-D3 RomPager 4.51Bad Request
341Zyxel P-661H-D1 RomPager 4.51Bad Request
342Zyxel P-662HW-D1 RomPager 4.51Bad Request
343Zyxel Prestige 662H-61 RomPager 4.07Bad Request
344Zyxel Prestige 662H-63/67 RomPager 4.07Bad Request
345and-httpd 0.99.11OK
346bozohttpd 20060517Internal Error
347bozohttpd 20080303Internal Error
348dwhttpd 4.0.2a7aNot Found
349dwhttpd 4.1a6Not Found
350dwhttpd 4.2a7Not Found
351eMule 0.48aOK
352eMule 0.49cOK
353firecat 1.0.0 BetaOK
354fnord 1.8aNot Found
355lighttpd 1.4.13Internal Server Error
356lighttpd 1.4.13Internal Server Error
357lighttpd 1.4.16Internal Server Error
358lighttpd 1.4.18Internal Server Error
359lighttpd 1.4.18Internal Server Error
360lighttpd 1.4.18Unauthorized
361lighttpd 1.4.19Internal Server Error
362lighttpd 1.4.22OK
363lighttpd 1.5.0Not Found
364nginx 0.5.19Not Found
365nginx 0.5.30Not Found
366nginx 0.5.31Not Found
367nginx 0.5.32Not Found
368nginx 0.5.32OK
369nginx 0.5.33Forbidden
370nginx 0.5.35Forbidden
371nginx 0.5.35Not Found
372nginx 0.6.13Not Found
373nginx 0.6.16Forbidden
374nginx 0.6.20Internal error
375nginx 0.6.20OK
376nginx 0.6.26Bad Gateway
377nginx 0.7.35Forbidden
378nostromo 1.9.1Not Implemented
379publicfilefile name too long
380thttpd 2.19-MXInternal Error
381thttpd 2.20bInternal Error
382thttpd 2.23beta1Internal Error
383thttpd 2.24Internal Error
384thttpd 2.26Internal Error
385vqServer 1.9.56Not found
386webcamXP PRO 2006 2.16.456x BETAfile not found
387webcamXP PRO 2006 2.20.024file not found
388webcamXP PRO 2006 2.37.144file not found
389webcamXP PRO 2007 3.60.220file not found
390webcamXP PRO 2007 3.72.440file not found
391webcamXP PRO 2007 3.96.000 betafile not found

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