httprecon project
advanced web server fingerprinting
"httprecon is currently one of the best tools for fingerprinting web servers." - Sub-Zero,
Test: head_existing (HEAD / HTTP/1.1)
Fingerprint: pragma

Further details about proxies and cacheing.

1AOLserver 3.3.1No-Cache
2AOLserver 4.0.10no-cache
3AOLserver 4.0.10ano-cache
4AOLserver 4.5.0no-cache
5Abyss X2no-cache
6Abyss X1no-cache
7Apache 1.3.26no-cache
8Apache 1.3.27no-cache
9Apache 1.3.33no-cache
10Apache 1.3.34no-cache
11Apache 1.3.37no-cache
12Apache 1.3.39no-cache
13Apache 2.0.45no-cache
14Apache 2.0.46no-cache
15Apache 2.0.52no-cache
16Apache 2.0.54no-cache
17Apache 2.0.59No-cache
18Apache 2.0.59nocache
19Apache 2.2.2no-cache
20Apache 2.2.3no-cache
21Apache 2.2.3private
22Apache 2.2.4no-cache
23Apache 2.2.6no-cache
24Belkin Router 2.00.002no-cache
25Cherokee 0.6.0no-cache
26Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator Virata EmWeb R6.2.0no-cache
27Cougar 9.5.6001.6264no-cache
28FlexWATCH FW-3440-Bno-cache
29GlobalSCAPE Secure Server 3.3no-cache
30Hiawatha 6.11no-cache
31Hiawatha 6.2no-cache
32IBM HTTP Server
33IceWarp 8.3.0no-cache
35Jetty 6.1.1no-cache
36LiteSpeed Web Server 3.3no-cache
37Microsoft IIS 6.0no-cache
38Nanoweb 2.2.10no-cache
39Novell Access Manager 3no-cache
40Ricoh Aficio 1022 Web-Server 3.0no-cache
41Ricoh Aficio 1045 5.23 Web-Server 3.0no-cache
42Ricoh Aficio 1060 3.53.3 Web-Server 3.0no-cache
43Ricoh Aficio 6002 3.53.3 Web-Server 3.0no-cache
44Roxen 2.2.213no-cache
45SnapStream Digital Video Recorderno-cache
46Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 1.09no-cache
47Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 2.05no-cache
48Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 2.05gno-cache
49Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 2.06no-cache
50Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 2.13no-cache
51Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 2.14no-cache
52Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 2.24no-cache
53Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 3.01no-cache
54Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 3.02no-cache
55Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 3.03no-cache
56Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 3.10no-cache
57Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 3.10ano-cache
58Sony SNC-RZ30 NetEVI 3.14no-cache
59Sony SNC-Z20 NetZoom 1.00no-cache
60Symantec Mail Security for SMTPNo-Cache
61WDaemon 9.6.1no-cache
62Zope 2.6.0no-cache
63Zyxel ZyWALL 10W RomPager 4.07no-cache
64Zyxel P-2602HW-D1A RomPager 4.51no-cache
65Zyxel P-660R-D3 RomPager 4.51no-cache
66Zyxel P-661H-D1 RomPager 4.51no-cache
67Zyxel P-662HW-D1 RomPager 4.51no-cache
68Zyxel Prestige 662H-61 RomPager 4.07no-cache
69Zyxel Prestige 662H-63/67 RomPager 4.07no-cache
70fnord 1.8ano-cache
71lighttpd 1.4.19no-cache
72lighttpd 1.4.22no-cache
73nginx 0.5.32no-cache
74nginx 0.5.35no-cache
75nginx 0.6.16no-cache
76nginx 0.6.20no-cache
77webcamXP PRO 2006 2.16.456x BETAno-cache
78webcamXP PRO 2006 2.20.024no-cache
79webcamXP PRO 2006 2.37.144no-cache
80webcamXP PRO 2007 3.60.220no-cache
81webcamXP PRO 2007 3.72.440no-cache
82webcamXP PRO 2007 3.96.000 betano-cache

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