httprecon project
advanced web server fingerprinting
"httprecon is a tool for advanced web server fingerprinting, likely to increase web server probes as the tool is examined and included into other tools." - Brent Huston, MSI State of Security
Test: head_existing (HEAD / HTTP/1.1)
Fingerprint: vary-delimiter

Delimiter used to announce the Vary details.

1Apache 1.3.33,
2Apache 1.3.34,
3Apache 2.0.52,
4Apache 2.0.54,
5Apache 2.0.63,
6Apache 2.2.2,
7Apache 2.2.4,
8Apache 2.2.6,
9Compaq HTTP Server 9.9,
10Zope 2.9.6,
11lighttpd 1.4.18,

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