httprecon project
advanced web server fingerprinting
"Handy little tool." - patrick, comment, HTTP Verb Brute Forcing
Test: options (OPTIONS / HTTP/1.1)
Fingerprint: accept-range

The accepted data range by the web site (usually bytes).

1Apache 1.3.37bytes
2Ashleys Webserverbytes
3Barracuda Networks Spam Firewallbytes
4Boa 0.94.14rc21bytes
5Caudium 1.4.9bytes
6IBM HTTP Server
7Lotus Domino Go Webserver
8Microsoft IIS 5.0none
9Microsoft IIS 5.1none
10Microsoft IIS 6.0none
11NetBotz 320 thttpd 2.25bbytes
12NetBotz 420 thttpd 2.25bbytes
13NetBotz 500 thttpd 2.25bbytes
14QNAP GNS-8000A
15QNAP NAS-2108R 2.27.1024bytes
16QNAP NAS-4010
17QNAP NAS-4100 2.26.0517bytes
18QNAP TS-101
19QNAP TS-101
20QNAP TS-101 Turbo Station
21QNAP TS-109
22QNAP TS-109
23QNAP TS-209
24QNAP TS-209
25QNAP TS-40IT Turbo Server
26QNAP TS-411U
27Roxen 2.2.213bytes
28Roxen 4.5.111bytes
29Roxen 4.5.145bytes
30Virtuoso 5.0.3bytes
31WallBotz 500 thttpd 2.25bbytes
32Zeus 4.41bytes
33and-httpd 0.99.11bytes
34thttpd 2.19-MXbytes
35thttpd 2.20bbytes
36thttpd 2.24bytes
37thttpd 2.26bytes

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