httprecon project
advanced web server fingerprinting
"httprecon is currently one of the best tools for fingerprinting web servers." - Sub-Zero,
Test: wrong_version (GET / HTTP/9.8)
Fingerprint: accept-range

The accepted data range by the web site (usually bytes).

14D WebSTAR 4.5bytes
24D WebSTAR 5.3.3bytes
3Apache 1.2.6bytes
4Apache 1.3.12bytes
5Apache 1.3.17bytes
6Apache 1.3.26bytes
7Apache 1.3.27bytes
8Apache 1.3.29bytes
9Apache 1.3.31bytes
10Apache 1.3.33bytes
11Apache 1.3.34bytes
12Apache 1.3.35bytes
13Apache 1.3.37bytes
14Apache 1.3.39bytes
15Apache 1.3.41bytes
16Apache 2.0.46bytes
17Apache 2.0.48bytes
18Apache 2.0.49bytes
19Apache 2.0.50bytes
20Apache 2.0.52bytes
21Apache 2.0.54bytes
22Apache 2.0.55bytes
23Apache 2.0.59bytes
24Apache 2.2.0bytes
25Apache 2.2.2bytes
26Apache 2.2.3bytes
27Apache 2.2.4bytes
28Apache 2.2.6bytes
29Apache 2.2.8bytes
30Apache 2.2.9bytes
31Apache 2.3.0bytes
32Ashleys Webserverbytes
33BadBlue 2.4bytes
34BadBlue 2.5bytes
35BadBlue 2.6bytes
36Barracuda Networks Spam Firewallbytes
37BarracudaDrive 3.9.1bytes
38Boa 0.94.14rc21bytes
39Caudium 1.4.9bytes
40Compaq HTTP Server 9.9bytes
41Fortinet Fortigatebytes
42Gatling 0.10bytes
43Hiawatha 6.2bytes
44Lotus Domino Go Webserver
45Microsoft IIS 5.0bytes
46Microsoft IIS 5.1bytes
47Microsoft IIS 6.0bytes
48NetWare Enterprise Web Server 5.1bytes
49Netscape Enterprise Server 3.5.1Gbytes
50Netscape Fasttrack 3.02abytes
51OpenSA 1.0.1bytes
52Oracle Application Server 10g
53Oracle Application Server 10g
54Oracle Application Server 10g
55Oracle Application Server 10g
56Oracle Application Server 10g
57Oracle Application Server 10g
58Oracle Application Server 10g
59Oracle Application Server 10g
60Oracle Application Server 9i 9.0.2bytes
61QNAP GNS-8000A
62QNAP NAS-2108R 2.27.1024bytes
63QNAP NAS-4010
64QNAP NAS-4100 2.26.0517bytes
65QNAP TS-101
66QNAP TS-101
67QNAP TS-101 Turbo Station
68QNAP TS-109
69QNAP TS-109
70QNAP TS-209
71QNAP TS-209
72QNAP TS-40IT Turbo Server
73QNAP TS-411U
74Resin 3.0.6bytes
75Roxen 2.2.213bytes
76Roxen 4.5.111bytes
77Roxen 4.5.145bytes
78TheServer 2.21Lbytes
79Virtuoso 5.0.3bytes
80Zeus 4.41bytes
81nginx 0.5.19bytes
82nginx 0.5.32bytes
83thttpd 2.20bbytes
84thttpd 2.23beta1bytes
85thttpd 2.24bytes
86thttpd 2.25bbytes
87thttpd 2.26bytes
88vqServer 1.9.56bytes

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