spread project
advanced covert file distribution
The files provided on this web site are free. Due to the performance of the project all of them are provided as pre-compiled exe files (or zip archives). The served files are tested for malicious code with different updated anti-virus products. And the open-source tools are even cleared within a manual source code analysis.

However, it might still be possible that these files include undetected malicious code. Therefore, test these files yourself. If you suspect any malicious code or behaviour please contact me immediately. If you have further files you think might be useful on the spread server, please let me know.

Command Line InterfacesSizeDescription
cmd.exe243 KBReactOS Command Processor
cmd.exe393 KBWindows XP Home Edition 32-bit german
cmd.exe380 KBWindows XP Professional 32-bit english
cmd.exe538 KBWindows XP Professional 64-bit english
command.com52 KBWindows XP Home Edition 32-bit german
command.com49 KBWindows XP Professional 32-bit english

Network ToolsSizeDescription
dprobe 1.036 KBfreeware tool to check directed broadcast ping amplification for a network
DumpUsers 1.184 KBfreeware tool to dump account names and information via the network
EtherChange 1.140 KBfreeware tool to change the mac address of adapters
Fport 2.0112 KBfree enhanced netstat viewer for Windows
ipeye 1.232 KBfree advanced portscan utility for Windows
NetCat 1.158 KBadvanced network utility for Windows
Softperfect Network Scanner1283 KBfree network scanner 32-bit
Softperfect Network Scanner1615 KBfree network scanner 64-bit
PuTTY 0.60444 KBfree ssh client for Windows
SuperScan 3.0192 KBfree ping and portscan utility for Windows (zip archive)
SuperScan 4.0203 KBfree ping and portscan utility for Windows (exe only)
Winfo 2.052 KBfree utility for smb/netbios enumeration
wpsweep 1.040 KBfree ping sweep utility for Windows
WUPS 1.4209 KBfirst free udp portscan utility for Windows (exe installer)

Forensic UtilitiesSizeDescription
Filemon 7.3731 KBfree tool for file monitoring on Windows
MemImager 1.07 KBfree tool for dumping the memory on Windows
Regmon 7.4691 KBfree tool for registry monitoring on Windows

Password Recovery ToolsSizeDescription
Pwdump6 1.7.2207 KBopen-source password recovery for NTLM/LanMan hashes (zip archive)

ComplexPath.exe12 KBMicrosoft Windows Kernel path privilege escalation
Attack Tool Kit 4.11000 KBthe open-source exploiting framework for Windows (exe only)
ms08-25-exploit.exe128 KBMS08-025: Windows XP SP2 win32k.sys Privilege Escalation
win-xp-sp2_hpj_overflow.exe160 KBMicrosoft Help Workshop 4.03.0002 .HPJ Buffer Overflow