httprecon project
advanced web server fingerprinting
"Very nice (and rare!) kind of project. Thx for and my five stars!" - Light Templer,
The fingerprint online database is always under development and updated. There are 363 different implementations documented. Please choose the series of tests which you would like to list:

get_existingGET / HTTP/1.1Legitimate GET request to fetch an existing ressource. Usually the content of the fetched ressource is shown.
get_longGET /aaa(...) HTTP/1.1Very long GET request. The ressource should not exist. Most web servers generate an error message.
get_nonexistingGET /404test.html HTTP/1.1Common GET request for a non-existing ressource. This usually leads to an 404 error message.
wrong_versionGET / HTTP/9.8A request with a wrong http version. Most web servers produce an error message.
head_existingHEAD / HTTP/1.1Common HEAD request for an existing ressource which should show the common http headers.
delete_existingDELETE / HTTP/1.1DELETE request for an existing ressource. Most web servers have this method not activated and will produce an error message.
optionsOPTIONS / HTTP/1.1The OPTIONS method asks the web server for the supported methods which are printed in the Allow line.
wrong_methodTEST / HTTP/1.1A request with a non-existing method TEST which should produce an error message.
attack_requestGET [attack_request] HTTP/1.1Common GET request which tries to access an URI which includes well-known attack patterns (e.g. format string, sql injection, cross site scripting).

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