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Entropia Project
generation of random numbers is too important to be left to chance
2007/08/07 - Published first undocumented results
Some first undocumented results have been published. The statistics show the characteristica of the well-known hash algorithms MD5 and SHA1 and the proprietary hash algorithm CHIT. First sight proves that the later has some serious weaknesses.

2007/07/30 - Preparation for first statistical publication
I am currently doing some statistical analysis of different random generators and hash algorithms. Afterwards I will going to publish the computed data to prove the functionality and the use of the Entropia application.

2007/05/30 - Launch of the web site
Created and uploaded the first web site to be able to show the basic idea behind the project. Due to the project is still not really announced, no further details are shown or milestones are proposed. More to come when it is done...