filerecon project
advanced file fingerprinting

The latest minor release of filerecon comes with two changes. The perofmance of the binary has been improved slightly. And the source distribution does now contain the file COPYING.TXT which discusses the applied General Public Licence (GPLv3).

The port of filerecon from Visual Basic 6.0 to PHP let me introduce the new online scan feature. From not on it is possible to upload and scan files on the project web site. The file size is limited to 5 mbytes and the files are deleted immediately after analysis. The release of the PHP edition of filerecon will follow in the next days.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are now available on the web site. They discuss the most popular aspects of the project and the application. Please search the FAQ before sending my some email about filerecon.

A first version of the initial web site has been activated. Also a first release of filerecon 1.0 is available for download as binary and source code file.