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The files provided on this web site are free. Due to the performance of the project all of them are provided as pre-compiled exe files (or zip archives). The served files are tested for malicious code with different updated anti-virus products. And the open-source tools are even cleared within a manual source code analysis.

However, it might still be possible that these files include undetected malicious code. Therefore, test these files yourself. If you suspect any malicious code or behaviour please contact me immediately. If you have further files you think might be useful on the spread server, please let me know.

dprobe 1.0
Category: Network Tools
Description: freeware tool to check directed broadcast ping amplification for a network
Original FileEncoded Spreadcode
Name: dprobe 1.0
Size: 36 KB
MD5: e9a1b1faf4f8346f9ddd14179e189c81
Link: server/dbprobe-1.0.exe
Name: dbprobe-1.0.exe.spr
Size: 73 KB
MD5: fb76d056efadcde058626009ac25d375
Link: ?s=server&d=dbprobe-1.0.exe&f=spreadcode
FTP: ftp://www.computec.ch/pub/spreadserver/