codEX Project
The source code analysis of tomorrow
2009/04/02 - Published pre-release as codEX 0.5
The latest pre-release of codEX introduces some major improvements within the compiler. It is now much faster and more reliable. Syntax errors in the original code are detected and reported to the user. Furthermore, the appearance of the graphical user interface has been changed.

2007/11/02 - Published pre-release as codEX 0.3
A new pre-release of codEX has been published. This releases has some major improvements regarding the frontend and the compiler/lexer. The basic features of PHP parsing are supported now.

2007/10/23 - Some minor improvements in documentation
Some slight improvements and enhancements of the online documentation has been made. This includes some progress in the development and standardization of the MetaCode™ definition.

2007/07/11 - Published another pre-release as codEX 0.2
The second pre-release named as codEX 0.2 has been published. This edition comes with some major improvements within the interface. This makes it a lot easier to navigate within the sourcecode and the MetaCode™. And a real-time log has been implemented which allows to see the steps of program analysis during runtime. This edition is finished for about 19 % of the final version. Furthermore, the codEX project is mentioned within an interview with Marc Ruef in hakin9 7/2007.

2007/06/12 - Published an early pre-release as codEX 0.1
A first public pre-release as codEX 0.1 has been published. This edition comes with some of the major features to show the idea and approach of the project. The edition is about 15 % finished and therefore just an early version for testing purposes only. Feel free to send some feedback to influence further development.

2007/05/02 - First draft of documentation finished
In the last few weeks the work on the project documentation has began. In the meanwhile a first draft is ready for reading. As you can see the main concepts and aspects of the source code analysis are discussed in detail. However, this is just a proposal which might change during implementation process. I am happy for solid feedback on the topics.

2007/04/07 - Launch of the web site
Created and uploaded the first web site to be able to show the basic idea behind the project. Due to the project is still not really announced, no further details are shown or milestones are proposed. More to come when it is done...