browserrecon project
advanced web browser fingerprinting

Fingerprint File: connection.fdb (last update: 06/17/2008)

The Connection general-header field allows the sender to specify options that are desired for that particular connection and must not be communicated by proxies over further connections.

1Amaya 1.1bKeep-Alive
2Amaya 1.1cKeep-Alive
3Amaya 1.2Keep-Alive
4Amaya 2.1TE
5Amaya 2.1TE,Keep-Alive
6Amaya 4.0keep-alive
7Amaya 4.1TE
8Amaya 4.1TE,Keep-Alive
9AppTapp Installer 3.0keep-alive
10Apple Safari 3.0.3keep-alive
11Apple Safari 3.0.4keep-alive
12Apple Safari 3.0keep-alive
13Apple Safari 3.1.1keep-alive
14Apple iPhone 1.1.1keep-alive
15Apple iTunes 4.2close
16Apple iTunes 5.0close
17Apple iTunes 6.0.2close
18Apple iTunes 6.0.4close
19BOTW SpiderKeep-Alive
20Baidu Baiduspiderclose
21Beonex 0.6keep-alive
22Beonex 0.8keep-alive
23Commoncrawl CCBot 1.0close
24Debian APT-HTTP 1.3keep-alive
25Deja Vu Browser Emulator 0.9TE, close
26Discoveryengine Discobot 1.0close Discobot 1.0close
28Epiphany 2.14keep-alive
29EzDownload 1.15close
30Flock 0.4keep-alive
31Flock 1.2.1keep-alive
32Gaisbot 3.0Keep-Alive
33Googlebot 2.1Keep-alive
34Googlebot-Mobile 2.1Keep-alive
35Hatena Antenna 0.5TE, close
36Heritrix 1.12.0close
37HotJava Browser 3.0keep-alive
38Java 1.4.1keep-alive
39Java 1.4.2keep-alive
40Konqueror 2.2.1Keep-Alive
41Konqueror 3.5.5Keep-Alive
42Konqueror 3.5.6Keep-Alive
43Konqueror 3.5.7Keep-Alive
44Konqueror 3.5.9Keep-Alive
45Konqueror 3.5.9keep-alive
46Konqueror 3.5Keep-Alive
47LWP::Simple 5.805TE, close
48Larbin 2.6.3keep-alive
49Links 2.1pre18Keep-Alive
50Links 2.1pre33Keep-Alive
51MOSBookmarks 2.6keep-alive
52Mail.Ru 1.0close
53Metadata Labs MLBotClose
54Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0Keep-Alive
55Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02Keep-Alive
56Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01close
57Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0Keep-Alive
58Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5Keep-Alive
59Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0Close
60Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0Keep-Alive
61Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0TE, close
62Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0keep-alive
63Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0Keep-Alive
64Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0close
65Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0keep-alive
66Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0Keep-Alive
67Microsoft Windows Media Player 11Keep-Alive
68Microsoft Windows Media Player 9Keep-Alive
69Mozilla BonEcho
70Mozilla BonEcho
71Mozilla BonEcho
72Mozilla Firefox
73Mozilla Firefox
74Mozilla Firefox
75Mozilla Firefox
76Mozilla Firefox
77Mozilla Firefox
78Mozilla Firefox
79Mozilla Firefox
80Mozilla Firefox
81Mozilla Firefox 1.5keep-alive
82Mozilla Firefox
83Mozilla Firefox
84Mozilla Firefox
85Mozilla Firefox
86Mozilla Firefox
87Mozilla Firefox
88Mozilla Firefox
89Mozilla Firefox
90Mozilla Firefox
91Mozilla Firefox
92Mozilla Firefox
93Mozilla Firefox
94Mozilla Firefox
95Mozilla Firefox
96Mozilla Firefox
97Mozilla Firefox
98Mozilla Firefox
99Mozilla Firefox
100Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 3keep-alive
101Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 5keep-alive
102Mozilla Firefox 3.0keep-alive
103Mozilla Iceweasel
104Mozilla Iceweasel
105Mozilla Navigator 3.0Keep-Alive
106Mozilla Seamonkey 1.1.4keep-alive
107Naver Yeti 1.0close
108Netscape Navigator 2.0Keep-Alive
109Netscape Navigator 3.01Keep-Alive
110Netscape Navigator 3.0TE, close
111Netscape Navigator 4.04Keep-Alive
112Netscape Navigator 4.06Keep-Alive
113Netscape Navigator 4.50Keep-Alive
114Netscape Navigator 4.6Keep-Alive
115Netscape Navigator 4.73Keep-Alive
116Netscape Navigator 4.77Keep-Alive
117Netscape Navigator 4.7Keep-Alive
118Netscape Navigator 4.8Keep-Alive
119Netscape Navigator 7.2keep-alive
120Netscape Navigator 9.0keep-alive
121Nokia 6600 1.0close
122Nullsoft Winamp 5.35close
123Opera 5.11Keep-Alive
124Opera 7.60Keep-Alive, TE
125Opera 9.00keep-alive
126Opera 9.01Keep-Alive
127Opera 9.20Keep-Alive
128Opera 9.20Keep-Alive, TE
129Opera 9.20keep-alive
130Opera 9.21keep-alive
131Opera 9.23Keep-Alive
132Opera 9.24Keep-Alive, TE
133Opera 9.25Keep-Alive
134Opera 9.26Keep-Alive
135Opera 9.27Keep-Alive
136Opera 9.27Keep-Alive, TE
137Opera 9.27keep-alive
138Opera 9.50Keep-Alive
139Opera 9.50Keep-Alive, TE
140Opera Mini 8.01Keep-Alive
141Powermarks 3.5close
142RealMedia Analyzer 1.0Keep-Alive
143SMS 77 SenderClose
144Samsung SGH-D500Keep-Alive
145ScoutJet Web Crawlerclose
146Searchme Charlotte 0.9tkeep-alive
147Seekda Heritrixclose
148ShopWiki Bot 1.0Keep-Alive
149Sony PSP Browser 3.90Keep-Alive
150Sony Playstation 3 Browser 2.20Keep-Alive
151SonyEricsson K750iclose
152SonyEricsson P800Keep-Alive
153Spyglass Mosaic 2.11Keep-Alive
154Tailrank Spinn3r 2.1close
155Tulip Chain 6.03Keep-Alive, TE
156VLC media player 0.8.6cClose
157VoilaBot Beta 1.2close
158W3C Validator 1.575TE, close
159Web Hack Control Center 0.6Keep-Alive
160WebAlta Crawler 1.3.34Keep-Alive
161WebofantBot 2.21Keep-Alive
162WinHTTrack Website Copier 3.41Keep-Alive
164Yandex 1.01.001Keep-Alive
165httprecon 3.3Keep-Alive
166httprecon 3.4Keep-Alive
167ia_archiverclose 1.4.2close

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